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had some old 2 part rubber that i was gonna throw out so i thought i would experiment with it.

made a frame from some old 2x4s and lined it with plaster of Paris. after the plaster was pored i inserted a section of C pillar from a broken one i had laying around. the section was coated with a layer of coco butter (to act as a cheep mold release).

after the plaster hardened up i removed the C pillar section i used for a pattern.

i then mixed up a batch of 2 part rubber and was a little on the heavy side when adding the amount of activating agent. ( remember this stuff is about 3 years past its shelf life) i also inserted the fiberglass strip to represent the metal stripp that would be molded in the rubber and would have the nuts attached to it. this metal strip would be side by side with the metal section that sticks up away from the body so the screw would be attached normally and it would screw into the nuts on the metal strip instead of the nuts molded into the plastic C pillar like the original ones are.

well as you can see from the photos i am waiting for the rubber to finish harding up possibly another week to go ? after it demold it i will test fit it to my mr2 and post more photos.

just think C pillars of solid rubber and the rubber can be made to match any color the body will be :) and no more broken C pillars !!

will keep you posted on my progress and sorry for the long write up

carolina new be
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