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Hope this is the right place for a discussion on the idea from DeltaWing/BladeGlide.

If you have not watch/look at this "thing"...
Article 1
Article 2.

After the hype, and looking a little deeper. The suspension setup seems to work really well. So well that supposedly the mule was 2 seconds faster than the baseline Atom on a 40 second autoX like course. 2 SECONDS is SIGNIFICANT. Now I get your attention.

The essential changes on the Atom were:
Front track reduced from 1.6 m to 1.0 m
Front tires reduced width from 195 to 155
Rear tires increased width from 205 to 245
Add/increased rear sway bar thickness.

Perhaps what we think about MR2's suspension setup is ...not quite complete. This I believe is relevant since our car has a rear weight bias. Perhaps more rear weight bias would work "better".

This is ... interesting stuff.
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