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Toyota MR2 Performance by Terry Heick (BlitzMR2)
Book $14.95
eBook - Kindle Edition $5.99

Terry just posted the other day on Facebook about the Kindle Edition going live.

While you are at it get DavidV's book...

Here is more info about Terry



Both of them long time MR2OC members

Also look at this book...
Street Turbocharging

Lots of MR2 stuff.

This is a great book as well and should be in everyones library.

Just like this guy

The bible by Corky Bell

This should be there as well.

The exhaust and intake system bible

Anything by Carroll Smith is something you will go back to regularly. I abuse this book.

and this

and this

Like aero?
These are my favorite two books

If you really want to be smart, join the SAE and you have a huge library of technical books that are available to you.

Shock Bible

good suspension book

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I spent 30+ years learning about aerodynamics, suspension, choosing tires, exhaust, engines etc. RM said, if, you can read, this information above will afford you years of experimenting and especially wasting resources to get the level of education where you make intelligent choices.

We can't all be engineers, but hopefully, you can read and understand the basis of their dynamics to be a successful at your endeavors. Urban legend learning is great, only, if the sources you choose are valid.
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