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I am doing a 92 5SFE to Gen 3 3SGTE swap. I bought a rear clip and am nearly finished with the swap.

I have already taken out the wires from my body harness connector (to the ecu) and I am going to put those wires into the 22 pin connector I ordered.

However, I came across a slight problem. The pins are too big to fit into the new connector. :bsflag:

I'm pretty sure my clip came with the full body harness. (I say "pretty sure" because I remember seeing a bundle of wires cut that go to the front of the car. I don't see any cuts in the harness now.

I fully understand how to do the repining but I don't know how to do the whole harness swap. So if possible I'd like to stick to my original plan.

What are my options here?
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