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Firstly thanks to admin for adding me.

So I am returning to the fold of MK3 ownership after a brief 9 month foray back in 2007 with a lovely 2003 low mileage UK car. I loved that car, nippy, agile always brought a smile. However, my head was turned by a Turbo Esprit and the MR2 was chopped in. Fast forward a decade and I find myself looking for the basis of a track rat that has the potential to embarrass GT3s.

I have spent some time with BEC Busas and the PTWR makes them a nuisance to the "all the gear no idea" Porsche owners - but they are just that little bit short on power without turboing etc.

I have been toying with some other options like a Z28 (what a remarkable track car) but I have always subscribed to build not buy.

So here is the outline context - I presently live in the middle East where one of the most abundant cars is the Toyota Camry many of which sport the bullet proof and eminently tuneable 2GR FE engine famously built into the 800hp+ hill climb weapon.

Due to the less than safe road conditions and driving standards there are literally 1000s of low mileage 2GR FEs loitering in dry scrap yards being sold for very little money.

So a plan is developing. As I am only in this particular place for appx 18 months I intend to collect a couple of engines and begin the process of re-building them before shipping to UK where a base car will be purchased.

While this is going on I would also like to gather additional parts for the build...first question:

Who and where do you go for performance parts for the MK3, i.e. Brakes, suspension etc

Also are there any known cars out there with track quality brake and suspension work that might be in the market in the next year?

Also any advice from anyone who has done this build?

Thanks in advance and sorry for the long post.
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