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Rebuilding Gen3 with Streetbrawler 46 kit

Im currently rebuilding a gen3 engine. Aiming for whatever Hp i will get on pumpgas below 20psi of boost. Just want a decent spooling car/fun streetcar with decent amount of hp that i can boost alot, safely.

Cp pistons 86.5mm, 9;1
Eagle rods
Toyota gasket kit.
New bearings
New toyota oil and water pump.
New timing belt components
New ignition components
Walbro 255 fuelpump
Cometic 1.4mm HG
ARP head bolts
ARP flywheel bolts
Spec stage 3 clutch
Spec flywheel
Greddy ic with spalfan
Streetbrawler 46 trim turbo kit
HKS dual dragger 3" exhaust
Trust intake
Stock head (rebuilt)

Everthing else stock. Stock head, stock fuel. 550s.
(I will go EMS,fuel,cams and tune next year.)

Now i need advice on what else to get since the car is almost coming together. Im ordering a AEM UEGO, and a greddy profec for boost.
What else should i ge? Do i need an FPR, water injection etc etc?

Is this possible in a safe way on my daily driver (for 3 months)?
And what to expect?


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Just let us know it's for a Gen 3 so we send the right oil lines. Expect about 300whp at 17 psi on 93 octane (assuming you have a 2.75 or bigger exhaust).

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