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Real Time attack track day - NJMP - June 9-10

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Real Time attack round two is at new jersey motorsport park, June 9-10. There are groups for all experience levels from first time to advanced.
see you there
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Nice! no 85 db restriction. Should be fun, I'll try to get my car more competitive in time for that event.
Cool, im 99% staying at the hotel on the track. LMK.
Can't find track rules or how the runs are conducted on its website. They're suggesting having your own transponder since availability maybe limited. Only 4 runs for the day, I'm getting spoiled with the 7 runs with TT4C events for same price. Good thing I'm still catted for stock class but I'll see if I can get my car ready for the event. Still working out my suspension mods.
I have run the Lighting track 3 times so far, should be more familiar to me but still relatively new tracking the MR2. I may need one more season with the 2 but by then, I'll have the STI back up and running. I seem to enjoy the MR2 more though, it requires you to have more precise input, a real drivers car!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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