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Got this bra a while ago from a member and the red stitching was faded.
Searched for a while on how to fix it and FINALLY someone on another forum pointed me in a good direction (at a camaro forum)

So I bought 2 dye markers an Elmer and a DecoColor

made a swatch

I liked the Elmer one best and it looked closest to the photo muffin posted.

Here is what it looked like to start: the red stitching was nearly white.

Finished one letter:

finished MR2:

Completed minus some touch up:

I was using a medium tip marker. I would suggest getting a fine and medium tip though.

Paint wipes off easily from the leather with a wet paper towel. I was also blotting with a paper towel after each little section I did to soak up extra paint just in case.
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