Tanabe B Pipe and modded stock turbo muffler with 3" inlet $100 ea pick up only

Gen3 fuel rail+injectors+OE feed line $100

OE leather door card inserts $80

Gen4 oil pump - $100 (pumps don't really wear out, was used for maybe 3-4k and ultrasonic cleaned. Passages are pristine)

Brian Crower tool steel retainers + springs (stronger than OE and will last longer than titanium) $80

New Denso 951-0013 fuel pump (stock turbo pump) $60

5SFE ECU 89661-17260 - $50 91 Gen2 ECU 89661-17332 (no case) - $80

Gen3 3S cams - $80

Corolla S steering wheel with a full grain/Nappa leather cover (Redline goods was $150 itself) that needs to be installed $150

Rear 91 turbo hubs, has the insert for Wilhelm geometry kit tie rods pressed in. $200


Turbo 100A Alternator, ACDelco rebuilt $60

Gen3 valve cover, had bosses welded on for COP install but were milled off, center TB support bracket hole welded shut (not necessary anyway) $100

Gen3 engine harness with distributor, knock sensor wiring replaced from connector to harness plug. Wire and terminals. EGR wiring added $200. Was setup for an ST205 ECU so some extra wiring by the ECU plugs for that. $200

If anyone wants, speedo cables from dash to sensor (I'm converted to electric), the cable from the sensor was replaced with a new Toyota unit and used for 30-40kmi $50