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Rally Tire/Wheel Setup

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I am starting to get into rally cross/ice racing and would like to eventually go into rally as well in a few years time and was looking for some input into a rim and tire setup to use. I have bought a 1989 N/A AW11 for the sole purpose of racing. After some research I can either go the route of 14" or 15". The benefit of the 15" would be that I can fit some larger brakes on the car but possibly would have to modify the fenders/wheel wells to accommodate for the increased diameter of the tire. Going for the 14" is the overall easier route but will only be able to upgrade the brakes to a slotted rotor with a good set of pads. So if anybody has some input the would like to give my would be greatly appreciated, as well with maybe some possible ideas of rims to look at using.

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You should research what size rally tires are currently available.
I would think that larger brakes wouldn't be necessary for rally cross or ice racing - in fact lighter would be better.
Stage rallying on the other hand could benefit from larger brakes although with a rear drive car you likely won't be doing much left foot braking (common with FWD and AWD vehicles) which is rough on the binders.
Check out
Thank you very much for the help, I have decided to go with a 185/65R14 tire that i can get in both a gravel tire and a studded winter tire as well. I will update the brakes to a slotted rotor with some performance pads. Now just to decide what rims to use for summers/gravel as I am thinking of using steelies for the winter ones for ice racing.
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