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Yesterday I installed a switch in the dash that interrupts the radio's "remote" line because I don't like the look of the antenna sticking way up in the air while I don't need it anyway (I hardly listen to the radio, and the antenna is up even if I'm playing a CD).

The switch works perfectly, I can now "override" the remote line and keep the antenna down if I want to. However, I forgot that the antenna motor is not the only device on the remote line: the (stock) subwoofer's amplifier is also switched on by it. So, I get the nice sleek look with the antenna down, but the subwoofer also stops when I toggle the switch :mad:

Anyone have an idea where the remote line is split up to the sub-amp and antenna motor? I suspect it will be at the left side beside the driver's seat, but if anyone can tell me for sure that would certainly help determine where to rewire the switch to :smile:
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