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(instructions below)

I had just gotten my MR2 ’91 Turbo; I took it to a shop for a full tune-up, not knowing how the car had been kept up in the past :angel: . 2 days before the tune-up my right side headlight quit going down, so I asked them to look at that too. Afterwards they told me the motor was fried :bsflag: . I wanted to get this fixed so instead of looking around for a good deal on one, I just called an auto-salvage and requested the part. I probably got took, but I got one shipped to me for $40 plus shipping (overnight). After having completed the removal steps outlined below, I tested the new motor to make sure it worked. I hooked it up to the connector set it where I could see it from the light switch and turned on the lights. Sure enough, rrrrrrt, it actuated… Once! When I turned the lights back off, it just sat there. Crap! :mad: Turns out when I crank the light down and turn the lights on, the light comes up… it just won’t go down when I turn them off. I guess that means it’s the retractor relay. Oh well, off to search the board for a relay… anybody got a spare? LOL

Headlight Motor R/R

(I did this on the right side. I don’t know if it’s exactly the same on the left. Maybe it is, just reversed.)

(BTW – This is just how I did it, after searching the board and not finding a step-by-step. there may be other/better/less involved ways)

1 Headlight stuck in up position.

Tools used:

1 Medium point Phillips/Cross tip screwdriver
1 large point Phillips/Cross tip screwdriver
(I used my handy-dandy rechargeable drill w/ appropriate adapters)
10mm combination wrench
10mm socket (preferably a deepwell) and ratchet (I used ? in drive, smaller easier to maneuver)
small crescent wrench


Remove plastic light surround (4 med phil screws)
Remove metal/painted headlight cover (4 med phil screws)
I removed the headlight with the metal holder by taking out the 2 aiming screws and taking the spring loose from it’s anchor location, detach the electrical connector from the back of the headlight, this was to allow access to the nut the held the pushrod to the headlight assembly. Remove the nut (I used the crescent wrench here)and disconnect the pushrod.
Remove the 2 bolts at the pivot point of the headlight assembly and carefully lift off (You’ll have to tilt the assembly to clear the down position cushion of the motor mounting bracket.).

The motor end of the push rod has a nut and washer on it, this is where I used the crescent wrench. Once the nut and washer (be careful not to drop the washer) have been removed, tap the pushrod connector (not “around”, but left and right) to loosen it, and remove. On re-install the nut should press the connector back onto the spindle properly.

Three bolts secure the motor to the black bracket. The bottom two are hard to get to, which is why I used the deep well ? in socket

The black Bracket (the motor mounts on) doesn’t need to be removed, but being unfamiliar with bolt placement, I did.
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