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Dear SoCal,

Several fellow attendees I've since spoken with, ex post Saturday's SoCal Radwood 2021, to include my runner, expressed misgivings over having taken notice of a peculiar gentleman, a tall guy, description below, caught doxxing Radwood VIP participants, singling-out certain vehicles, recording VIN numbers of high end Porsche, BMW, Ferrari and Mercedes attendees, with his handheld.


  • older white male, 6' to 6"2 -
  • approximately mid 50s to mid 60s -
  • bone colored off-while 80's leisure suit -

My entry, positioned at the extreme Northeast corner of the VIP section, just east of the merchandise booth, about the 1:00 pm hour, my runner observed the aforementioned individual, quick and nonchalant, recording VIN numbers of the V12 Mercedes on display just south behind me, all the Ferraris west of him with exception to the one having returned from the Arctic circle. In particular, the aforementioned individual showed a peculiar interest in woman's Porsche 911 positioned directly to adjacent to me.

Had the Feds, or local law enforcement, infiltrated the event, they would have otherwise used license plate scanners. Surreptitiously snapping VINs with an iphone, we suspect SoCal Radwood 2021 was infiltrated, systematically swept by an organized car theft ring.

I've passed this along to the Radwood people, and have yet to receive a response. If anyone out there belongs to another automotive forum, by all means, would you be so kind as to pass this along, that anyone having displayed a high end vehicle at Radwood SoCal 2021 may be in jeopardy of having their vehicles targeted, or their VINs duplicated to stolen vehicles in other states.

Many Thanks. God bless -
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