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Propane injection could be a very viable option in the near future for turbo 2's

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Ive been mulling over it for a while now and with the middle east being the way it is id like to remove my cars dependency on gas. the way i see it, propane is almost better in every way. Its rated at 104 octane which can mean the difference between a blown engine and a safe one. This of course allows you to run more boost safely. Propane also doesn't produce carbon deposits. Without the carbon deposits, engines don't require higher octane fuels to compensate for the gradually increasing compression ratio or the hot spots that cause preignition. There is no carbon to blow by the rings to contaminate the oil, which allows the oil to remain clean. Engine oil at 10,000 km can look as clean as newly changed oil. There is only one problem i can see though is that there are no real propane "injectors" yet. You still have to use something like an impco mixer (which pretty much is like having a carb when you think about it).
I know gas injection technologies has been working on a gas injection setup and the results seem promising ( - check out the dyno #s ;) ). They even set it up on a 3sge :D. From what ive seen you get about 80% of the mileage you would have with gas (im pretty sure this will go up with a turbo charged engine that would need a high octane) but when you consider propane is almost half the price of gasoline the benefits far outweigh any negatives.
Ive called around to a couple of companies but all of them seem to be in the developing stages of a gas injection setup. Apparently there is a company in the Europe somewhere that does sell a gas injection "kit" but i cant find anything on them. I was told though that the injectors have to be pretty spot on (within around 10%) of the amount of fuel that you need so it would require some work to get them to work right. I'm going to be installing a impco mixer on my truck and playing around with it before i try anything on my new engine in the 2 but I can for-see propane being a very viable option in the future.
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i think it would be dangerous to be driving around with a propane tank. if something happens, and you get a puncture in the tank, it will explode. doesn't have to be a firey explosion either...just a lot of metal shrapnel.
ramicio said:
i think it would be dangerous to be driving around with a propane tank. if something happens, and you get a puncture in the tank, it will explode. doesn't have to be a firey explosion either...just a lot of metal shrapnel.
Or a gas tank getting apuncture in it and exploding with a fireball and metal?
if there is a spark, then yeah...i was just giving the best case scenario.

lol why do you think cars don't run on hydrogen and oxygen, or maybe hydrogen peroxide? cause they are either highly explosive or under pressure. too dangerous.

this company can do the conversions in the UK for the MR2 turbo :)
Works fine :)
propane (or LPG as it's called here) is fairly popular for work vehicles that do a lot of mileage, but the performance suffers. Part of the problem, AFAIK, is that because it gets injected as gas rather than an atomised liquid, it's difficult to get enough mass of fuel in there.
Its not all as dangerous as your making it out to be.

If a gasoline tank ruptures and theres a spark, then your sitting in a lake of fire, a propane explosion would be a much quicker way to go out, don't you think? :p

But really, in my town almost all the school busses run on propane.You'd think that they would upgrade to a fuel that would be dramatically more dangerous.

just my thoughts ;)
the mileage is horrible, we have propane trucks in the af, and its a back up, a 20lb tank which would take our whole trunk. is only goof for about 40 miles.
yeah, propane gas = low density = need more volume
maybe liquid propane, but to inject it as a gas it takes up more space in the combustion chamber that air would otherwise occupy if it were a liquid, reducing the amount of potential energy.

thinking in terms of mass converted to volume in a gaseous state makes propane less desireable for performance applications.
you could always do propane injection instead of water injection (for lower intake temps and knock defense) I know of at least 1 turbo MR2 with that setup (400HP anyone?)
Or a gas tank getting apuncture in it and exploding with a fireball and metal?
On Mythbusters they shot a gas tank repeatedly and it didn't start on fire. Eventually they started shooting it with incendiary bullets, and even then it was reluctant to light, and when it did, the tank simply lit on fire and didn't explode.
I've been slowly working on adapting my wet nitrous kit on my Prelude to have propane fed into the fuel side and having a smaller tank mounted in the trunk, instead of running gas fuel from the tank.

It's promising for performance cars....
a gas tank will not just explode. especially if it is ruptured first. the contents need to be under pressure, or the tank to hold a lot of pressure. propane will make a huge explosion, and then you have all the thick ass metal flying around to worry about.
yes, IF the tank somehow ruptered and or exploded, it would be bad. But think of the force it would take to do so. Especially if it was in the stock location. If any force came from the sides in a collision, youd be past dead by the time the tank was touched anyway. It could be hit from below, but that could be protected easily. Also, how oftern does your gasoline tank get rupture or get dammaged..... so far i'm still on number one ;)
I don't even personally think that propane would be a great thing to run off of, I just don't think that these worries are worth worrying about.
it's even proven a gastanks is more safe than a fuel tank.
there has been several debates about it in holland recently.
couse gas equiped cars were not alloud to park in garages ... not make use of tunnels etc etc ... and things like that.

but since its proven they can.
( not in whole europe but in holland for sure )
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