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Unlocking my drivers side door does not always disarm the alarm, most of the time, SOMETIMEs it will, but more often then not it will not.). The only way I've found to disable the alarm is to walk to the rear of the car and unlock/open the trunk with the key. Then go to the drivers door and open it up, then close the trunk.

Also, with the doors (BOTH drivers and passengers) closed all the way the power windows / mirrors do not work, but if you just pop the doors (BOTH, and only BOTH, one or the other by itself will not work) open and leave them in the "closed looking" position everything works fine. It seems that 1 little inch screws with a ground or power wire in someway. I briefly looked at the rubber boot between the door and the chasis and it looks to be in good shape, of course that says nothing for the wires inside of there.

Problem 2:
The majority of the time, the passengers lock looks like it is possesed by satan, when the power locks engauged, it locks itself like 9 times one right after the other. and is a PITA (Pain In The Azz) to Unlock, like it is stuck closed with super glue. Of course this sucks cause A) it is hard for passengers to get in without a door, and B) If I cant open the door, I can not roll down the window and enjoy the fresh air :(

Both of these thing suck, esspecially if I am taking a hottie out and gotta act like I left something important in my trunk EVERYTIME WE WALK TO THE CAR TO GO SOMEWHERE!!!!! LOL.

Any ideas? aside from crying like a school girl in the fetal position?
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