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Power limits of the factory Gen3 fuel

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What power can be made on the factory gen3 injectors, pump, rail, etc at close to max duty-cycle on the injectors? I know the gen2 is around 275ish wheel horse power but I have never dealt with a gen3. An '94 MR2 I am looking at has a '97 Gen3 swawpped in with a TD05SH, Greddy intercooler, HKS hyper2 exhaust, K&N intake and thats it as far as engine perfomrance wise. What kind of power will this set-up make on the factory boost and is it safe? I will be picking up an EMS a little later down the road. Thanks guys!


I have also search and deemed too difficult to find the correct answer. I am sorry if this has been asked and answer already, I was having difficulty locating that thread and I do not frequent this part of the forum often. Thanks in advance!
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Depends on your target AFR...your injectors are 550s running at 2.9 bar fuel pressure, should be good for 350 rwhp
Actually Gen3's have 540cc injectors. Whats the maximum horsepower that can be achieved on the stock fuel of the Gen3?
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