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My engine is genIII with Power FC ECU.( I have the commander,but not datalogit)
I have RX6 turbine with Tial 46mm wastegate. The spring rate is min. 1.3bar.
I used to use HKS evcIII before and worked fine.
Now, I have FC boost control kit with Apexi 3 bar map sensor.
(Since I had a problem with the 3 bar map sensor, I dont use that anymore. at idle, it feels like rich fuel.. boong~ boong~ also feels like I have 272 high cam. It's ok at high rpm.)
If anyone know how to set up the Apexi 3 bar map sensor at genIII engine, please let me know.
Anyways, I use stock 2.8bar map sensor now.

When I set "boost enable" I can't control the boost. It doesn't work even I changed the duty%.
I can control only If I set"1.55 or 1.60 or 1.65 with duty 30%~20%.
BUT BUT the boost always stay at "1.83bar and engine light on" ____~~~

It's very cold these days. So my stock boost is 1.46bar.

Please help me with the problem.

Thanks guys!
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