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Post Your 4AG Turbo Setup (Feb 2006)

I know this topic has been done a bunch of times... but this will allow for any updates or current mods not posted before, and immediate future mods. It is also a new topic.. since the last one was done about 4 months ago as far as I remember.

AE92 GTS Coupe

Engine Parts:
4A-GE Red-Top Jap Spec 40k miles
Stock head & block
JGStools Log-Style Turbo Manifold
Volvo 740 OEM turbo & internal wastegate
Manual boost controller
Mazda MX-6 GT OEM B.O.V.
Saab 900 Turbo OEM Side Mount Intercooler
Suzuki Swift Radiator

Stock USDM N/A electronics
Stock Fuel Pump
7M-GE 315cc Injectors
Adj. Fuel Press. Reg. (40 psi)

How car runs/Horespower:
Engine is running rich since at idle... though not excessive. Runs okay until 5k where I let off cause its not tuned properly. Im running 6 psi, no downpipe yet. Spools around 3k rpm and seems to pull to redline. No chance to dyno or track yet, but estimated 130-140 whp.

Future: 365cc GZE injectors, custom downpipe, & 10 psi

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Papo J -
88 MK1 NA chassis
88GZE motor
KK108 cams
Home made manifold (modified stock piece)
DSM T-25 turbo from 2nd Gen Eclipse
BOV from 2nd Gen Eclipse (recirculated after AFM)
Izusu Impulse A/A intercooler
GZE injectors
NA electronics
AFM before turbo
Custom 2.25" exhaust piping (I built)
Stock NA fuel pump and regulator
Stock timing, TVIS, removed EGR
@ 10psi, spools at around 2600
Retarded the AFM wheel about 6 clicks to lean out the mixture at idle
I'm guessing around 175-180 whp. Driven about 90 miles daily.

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Just finished install of A/W intercooler using St165 IC and a cutdown Geo Metro radiator as a heat exchanger.


'87 with 4agze out of a JDM ae92
Stock NA tranny
"Plug n Play" MSnS-Extra controlling fuel and spark.
DSM 1st gen BOV
Home-made log style manifold.
Innovate LC-1 wideband AFR control
DSM T25 currently pushing 14 psi
DSM 14b waiting in the wings with goal of pushing 18 psi.

No dyno yet, but lots 'o fun!

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chassis = ae86

-ae92 4agze w/8.9:1 compression and small port head
-techno toy tuning smallport to largeport intake adapter plate, with modified intake manifold (welded valleys)
-MegaSqurit1 v2.2 PCB with Ford EDIS ignition from '91 Escort running
-portable LM1 wideband O2 sensor setup for tuning
-MSnS-extra firmware
-NGK 4agze spark plugs gapped to .033"
-440cc Supra injectors with stock ae86/4age resistor pack
-190 lph Walbro fuel pump for a MK3 Supra
-IHI RHB5 turbo, identical size to t-bird turbo coupe, with Isuzu turbine housing, watercooled centre section. I'm tapping water from the throttle body using brass couplings for hose diameter adapters (temporary)
-McMaster Carr SS 1/4" oil feed line with corresponding fittings, including quick disconnect at the turbo, 3 finger brace to hold the block tee in order to remove stress so it doesn't crack
-Adjustable actuator, boost currently peaks around 11.5 psi
-Homemade log manifold with 1.6" ID elbows and tees
-2.5" OD downpipe and resonator, with 2.25" OD cat back exhaust piping to muffler
-Ford Probe Intercooler front mounted
-New style Bosch by-pass-valve (harder seat)
-Generic NAPA rad hose for couplings, except IC-TB has 2.5" Vibrant silicone hump connector, home depot SS hose clamps

Car is running really well with the current setup. The boost curve is a bit odd, it hits 6 psi quickly then creeps up to 11-12 psi around 6000 rpm which it then holds perfectly stable til 7500 rpm. The initial 6 psi comes between 2300 and 2800 rpm. The climb from 6 psi is very gradual, and due to my ae86 weak driveline I'm not too worried, it's probably a good setup for preservation of the tranny. Based on dyno of previous setup, I expect this is making approximately 200 WHP.

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1988 Corolla FX
Running 15psi on:
Big Port 4AGZE
ARP studs
Honda civic dual core half cut radiator :thumbup
TRD metal HG
Megasquirt N Edis
Custom homemade tubular header
Holset HX35 turbo with Bullseye housing
550cc injectors
2.5" intercooler piping
255 Walbro external pump
Greddy bov
4 puck no name clutch
No name oil relocation kit
2ng gen mazda RX-7 oil cooler
Turbo XS boost controller
Tial knock off wastegate
3" exhaust turbo back straight pipes no cat
Sard fuel regulator
Big diesel truck intercooler cut in half :evillaugh
Automete boost and egt gauges
and cheapo walmart oil pressure and temp gauge
And a very stripped interior and solid motor mounts make for a
very noisy ride :thumbup

Car is down at the moment last week I cracked a ring land on the 4th piston :mad:
But it pulled like a mofo, boost comes on very hard after 4,500 rpms and no
LSD makes it a little scary :smile:

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'86 NA 5-rib
7psi on:
Rally2 Manifold and Downpipe
Internally gated Garrett .42/.48 T3
Stock bolts/gasket
GZE injectors/FPR
Stock '86 NA Electronics
Tweaked AFM
Timing backed off 2*
Stock clutch/C-50
Ford Thunderbird IC
Summit Single oil-filter relocation kit
Currently no BOV as my HKS bypass has a 14lb spring
2 step colder plugs (7s)

Car is running NA currently as the junkyard Saab turbo I was running decided to start spewing oil into the exhaust side. My new (to me) turbo just showed up today and it should be on in a couple weeks when I go and replace all my plumbing. I was running MSnS-E but it seems to be dropping spark lately, so I pulled it and started running the stock electronics.

Have a bunch of parts in various shops right now, and the current plan for a new motor is:
'89 GZE block
Micropolished and Cryo-Treated Crank- considering Nitriding
Shotpeened, Balanced, and Cryo'd Stock GZE rods
Stock GZE 8.5:1 pistons
Full rotating balance with Fidanza flywheel
ARP Everywhere
Haven't decided on a headgasket yet, but definately metal
550 cc/min RC injectors
Setrab A2W IC
Garrett Super 60/.63 Internally gated T3
MSnS-E w/launch and boost control (if I ever get it working right)
HKS Racing Bypass valve vented to atmosphere
Intermediate head/port work - I'm doing some testing with high velocity porting.

There's probably more, but I can't remember it all right now. I have it written down at home.
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