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Parts for sale bay area

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oem oil filter socket and a couple of new oem filters (turbo) - $20

Service manual (engine section) - $10

Turbo air intake with filter (unknown brand) - $20

front bumper bra (i think its oem) - $30

stock oem 14" with 5-10% tread. Lugs included. $40

exhaust and intake turbo gaskets NEW -$10

stock turbo airbox and pipings - $20

everything - $60

Pm me your email or number for pics. Thanks.
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Your PMS are full.

Do you have pics of the bra? How is the condition of it?

I wonder if it would still fit with an Aeroware front lip on.

Inbox cleared. pm me that email or number and i will send over those pictures.
Do you still have the stock air box and what kind of stock rims are they? '91-'92 or '93-'95?? thanks.
All parts free this week only. Will trash after this weekend. FCFS. Located in Vallejo Ca, just text me 707.315.3066 -hue
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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