I have a 1991 Toyota MR2 with a non-running NA 5SFE that I'm parting out. The engine has severe rod knock and is not long for life. The transmission is a manual S54 with a worn 2nd gear synchro. If any of you are interested in specific parts, reply to this post or send me a private message. I've attached some basic photos of the car and will follow up later with more specific photos of high(er) demand parts. Some users in discord got first dibs on a few parts. They're pending sale and will be notated below. I'll update this thread if a seller backs out on a part.

EDIT: To clarify, I will not reserve items without a deposit. If you talk to me about purchasing an item, shipping it out, and someone wants it before the transaction is complete; I will sell it to them if they pay for it first. I always prioritize buyers who respond in a timely manner. That means items that are Pending Sale can still be purchased.
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  • all four struts
  • driver carpeting
  • oh **** handle
  • steering wheel clamshell
  • cigarette tray
  • ac control cluster
  • radio
  • center vents
  • rear cubby
  • steering wheel indicator stalk
  • steering wheel cruise control stalk
  • floor mats
  • windshield
  • trunk lip bezel
  • gas pedal
  • wheel well liners
  • trunk ignition cylinder

If you're interested in a part that isn't in either list, send me a message and I'll see if I have it. The pricing on all these parts is mostly based on what I find available online with a 30% reduction in price rounded to the nearest 5 (or just some random number I think is fair).

1S54 transmission with mechanical speed sensor300fair
1intake manifold30good
1exhaust manifold30good
1throttle body30goodSOLD
15SFE ECU100perfect
1air intake120goodSOLD

1driver seat, blue cloth60poor
1interior shift boot bezel20good
1white courtesy light bezel30good
1white courtesy light30good
1white driver sun visor10goodSOLD
1white passenger sun visor10fair; cracked glassSOLD
1driver rear mirror interior cover triangles10excellentSOLD
1passenger rear mirror interior cover triangles10excellentSOLD
1driver rear mirror door sail20excellentSOLD
1passenger rear mirror door sail20excellentSOLD
1driver door cup10goodSOLD
1passenger door cup10goodSOLD
1driver metal door cup surround10excellent
1passenger metal door cup surround10excellent
1driver interior door handle20good
1passenger interior door handle20good
1driver seatbelt60fair, slow to retract
1passenger seatbelt60fair, slow to retract
1driver interior quarter window bezel40fair, some scuffs
1passenger interior quarter window bezel50good
1driver vent20excellentSOLD
1passenger vent20excellent
1driver vent fascia30excellentSOLD
1white headliner80fair
1driver interior A pillar trim10goodSOLD
1passenger interior A pillar trim20goodSOLD
1driver kick panel20goodSOLD
1passenger kick panel20goodSOLD
1NA mechanical gauge cluster100excellent
1driver door card150excellentSOLD
1passenger door card150excellentSOLD
1interior firewall carpeting100excellentSOLD
1driver cargo box50excellentSOLD
1passenger cargo box50excellentSOLD
1driver metal knee plate30excellentSOLD
1driver knee area fascia60excellentSOLD
1stock shift box50goodSOLD
1shift linkage50goodSOLD
1driver power window regulator60good
1passenger power window regulator60good
1driver window80fair, light scratching
1passenger window100goodSOLD
1center arm rest40poor, large elbow crack
1passenger carpeting100excellent
1frunk interior lever20excellent
1rheostat15fair, cracked but functioningSOLD
1glovebox40fair, worn exterior
1gauge cluster crown bezel20excellent
1driver seatbelt panel30excellent
1passenger seatbelt panel30excellent
1driver vent tubing10excellent
1passenger defrost vent30good
2t-top holding belts10 eachexcellent
1cigarette tray housingfree to a good homevery poor; 2 ears snapped offSOLD

11991 front bumper50poorSOLD
11991 rear bumper75fairSOLD
1front bumper support bar80goodSOLD
1driver fender50excellentSOLD
1passenger fender50excellentSOLD
1driver door200fairSOLD
1passenger door160poor, large dent will need to be pulledSOLD
1exterior c-pillar trim60fair, worn paint
1driver c-pillar vent25goodSOLD
1passenger c-pillar vent25goodSOLD
1black driver rearview mirror30goodSOLD
1black passenger rearview mirror30goodSOLD
1white driver rearview mirror5poor, cracked paintSOLD
1white passenger rearview mirror5poor, cracked paintSOLD
1driver doorhandle30excellent
1passenger doorhandle30excellentSOLD
1black gas fill door30good
1complete revision 1 spoiler150fair, needs repaint
1black hood100goodSOLD
1black driver headlight cover40good
1black passenger headlight cover40good
1driver headlight assembly75excellentSOLD
1passenger headlight assembly75excellentSOLD
1driver headlight shroud25goodSOLD
1passenger headlight shroud25goodSOLD
1zenki taillights and center shroud250excellentSOLD
1passenger quarter glass80excellent
1driver quarter glass80excellentSOLD
1driver front bumper moulding from front indicator to side indicator10excellentSOLD
1passenger front bumper moulding from front indicator to side indicator5poor, mounting tab snappedSOLD
1rear windshield300excellent
2windshield wipers20fair
1passenger t-top70fair, cracked leverSOLD
1driver t-top100goodSOLD
1rear bumper impact bar60goodSOLD
1rear bumper support30goodSOLD

1FL caliper50good
1FR caliper50good
1RL caliper50good
1RR caliper50good
2set of new mr2heaven e-brake cables40excellentSOLD
1front sway bar30good
1rear sway bar30good
1RL brake hardline40excellentSOLD
2rear sway bar bracket5 eachgoodSOLD
2rear tie rods30 eachexcellent

1driver door harness60fair (cut speaker wiring)
1passenger door harness60fair (cut speaker wiring)SOLD
1driver door control cluster80excellent
1passenger door control cluster50excellent
1speed control unit30excellent
2open door warning switches20excellent
1retractor control unit30excellent
2door lock positioning switch10,5excellent, poorSOLD
1radiator fans100excellent
1frunk wiring harness200excellent
1dash wiring harness250good, some damaged wiresSOLD
1RH body harness150excellent
1LH body harness150excellentSOLD
1engine wiring harness80fairSOLD

1driver floorpan200excellentpending sale
1passenger floorpan200excellentpending sale
1frunk floorpan100poorpending sale
1trunk flooring150excellent
1driver rear fender150good
1passenger rear fender150good

1driver lock cylinder30goodSOLD
1passenger lock cylinder30goodSOLD
1ignition lock cylinder30goodSOLD
1horn set20good
11991 brake master cylinder10good
11991 clutch master cylinder10good
1wiper fluid motor5goodSOLD
1wiper arm motor30excellentSOLD
1wiper fluid tank5goodSOLD
1driver ac hardline70excellentSOLD
1passenger ac hardlinefreepoor, one damaged endSOLD
1driver coolant hardline70excellent
1passenger coolant hardline70excellent
1driver heater core coolant hardline30poor, cutout repaired
1passenger heater core coolant hardline50good
1frunk prop rod10excellent
1brake proportioning valve20excellentSOLD
1air fuel separator30excellentSOLD
1trunk spring20excellentSOLD
1trunk release cable20goodSOLD
1trunk carpeting100goodSOLD
1frunk liner40fair
1frunk crossmember30excellent
1frunk liner stay bar30excellent
1driver T-top seal40they're used T-top seals.
1passenger T-top seal40they're used T-top seals.
1roof t-top center trim30poor
2door striker10excellent
4window height stopper10excellent
4window outward pressure adjuster10excellent
1driver door locking mechanism20excellent
1passenger door locking mechanism20excellent
1gas fill pipe40excellent
1brake send and return shortlines30excellent
1brake front to rear hardline70excellentSOLD
1clutch front to rear hardline70excellent
1fuel tank to fuel filter line30excellentSOLD
1e-brake assembly and hardware120goodSOLD
1steering rack (non-PS)200excellent
1steering column60good
1steering column joint fascia20good
1engine bay coolant left side J pipe30excellent
1brake booster30excellent
1FL chassis stiffening bar20excellentSOLD
1FR chassis stiffening bar20excellentSOLD
1RL chassis stiffening bar20excellentSOLD
1RR chassis stiffening bar20excellentSOLD
1HVAC heater core60excellent
1HVAC ac core80excellent
1HVAC distribution core40excellent
1frunk ac hardline80excellent
1fuel tank straps30excellentSOLD