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Hi. I have a 86 MR2, sunroof, 5spd with no engine. I have no use for the car anymore and I have came down to it to part it out.

If your interested in the shell, let me know A.S.A.P. because this car might get sent to the scrapyard.

I am tearing into the good parts this week, saving body parts, electrical parts, wheels tires, windows, and anything that I can.

As of what I know from memory,
(1) Hood- $50
(1) Trunk- $25
(1) Trunk compartment with spoiler- $35
(1) All windows, Windshield, back window, and door windows- $25 each, windshield $75
(2) Headlights- $15 a piece
(2) Taillights- $15 a piece
(2) Of each turn signal- $5 misc.
(1) Original transmission, in rough condition- $35
(1) Front bumper- $35
(1) Rear bumper cover- $20, missing all broken bolts for bracket
(~) Many interior pieces left, lots of extras (came with the car)
**shipping costs not included

This car is currently located in Gibsonia, PA 15044(close to Pittsburgh). Willing to ship anywhere in the US
I have no pictures to show right now but will get them posted up later tonight or tomorrow.

P/M for more details. or call/text 412-758-7769
Call/text is preferable because I am not always near my computer.

Thanks, Sean

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