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part identification and cold start diagnosis

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ok so i just bought this car from david great guy. told me all about the 2 very honest. anyway he told me about the car would not do a cold start and that it might just be a sensor. i havent tried it yet i wanna make sure what the problem really is.

ok so the car starts cold but i have to disconnect the coolant air temp snsor. and reconnect it after its started. thats how david told me how to start it. so help me identify these parts cause it might b causing it.

this might b for the MAP or vacuum im not sure

this is prolly for the air intake temp sensor

these might b for cruise control box. im disappointed woner where it is? and i dunno how to diagnose the speedo problem

same thing as above

ok thanks guys
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the connector in the second picture is for the Intake Air Temperature sensor (IAT)
ok thats what i thought wat about all the other stuff? oh and now its making whistleing noises and im not sure what it is it goes on and off
The last 2 look like its for cruise control,. but by the looks of your bay you dont have cruise control. am i correct??

you also mentioned you have a speedo problem,. what exactly is it?
i have a cruise control in my steering wheel. and the speedometer doesnt work
^^ you probally need to replace your rear speedo cable,.. I have posted about it a million times at least, no joke... Its pathetic that still isnt a sticky.... If you want me to I guess I can find the thread AGAIN and give you the link.... I assumed you didnt have cc because i didnt see the boxes in your bay,. but since you do i have no clue what that is for.
You sure your CC works? I don't see the boxes in your bay either...
^^ yea one box suspose to cover up the alternator, i see it plain as day.
yea i think its missing and i havent tried my cruise control yet. as i just got the car and when i did try it b4 my hood popped open and cracked the windshield and bent the hood so i got that fixed first cause i hate seeing it lookin like that ya know? newaywhat about the first pic imma get a better pic tommo and i found another plug unplugged. so u think the IAT causes the cold start prob? if it is then whats the part number? thanks
IAT sensor wont cause any problem,. mine hasnt been working since i got the car and it hasnt caused a problem yet other than that code always being thrown when i do a diagnostic.... and i highly doubt it could cause my car to have the problems it has now(if you have been reading my threads) lol....
isnt the IAT vital for a cold start? and the check engine light isnt on. only when i take out the coolant sensor to start the engine.
You tried your cruise control and your hood popped open??????
lol i was about to so i was getting 20+ mph and the hood wasnt close all the way cause we had to jump the car and it opped open. so yea plz answer myquestions
when you unplug the sensor you are putting the car into default. that makes it sends more gas. if that coolant temp sensor is bad the car thinks that it is at temp and dose not use the cold start injector.
so it could b either coolant or IAT?
i looked at an mr2 today he didnt have an IAT and he said he had the same problem, the distributor. iunno im so confused. btw i idle at 2k RPM. help please. i'll b at the bone daddy's meet in dallas so help. but i cant bring my 2
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