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Ordered some goodies today.

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Well I ordered some goodies today from today.
New plug wires
New fuel filter
Collars for the front and rear strut bar bushings
Floor mats
Rear swaybar bushings
New engine air bleed valve: both parts, the metal part that screws into the housing and the plastic(or what ever it is now) piece that screws into the metal piece. I can stop using visegrips to bleed the coolant now.

Will be ordering soon:
Door hinges
Sunroof weather stipping
Frunk weather stripping
Door weather stripping
Rear trunk weather stripping
E-brake leather cover
New carpet
New down pipe
Tokico blues
Caliper brackets if I ever find any.
Engine lid prop strut from twosrus
stainless brake hoses
stainless clutch hose
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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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