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opinions wanted

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i just got some new tires, my old toyos went dead on me. what are your guys opinion on KUMOH tires i've heard of them but would like to know if any one has used them and what there experience was with them. thanks guys
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kumhos are making more of a name for themselves...more specifically, the competition (victoracers) and high performance (MXs and 712) tires...theyre still relatively cheap too, so if you havent tried them, id say go for it...
i've tried both. i like toyos better but kuhmos are cheaper.
I think TOYOs are a decent tire and you can't really go wrong with them. I've stayed away from Kumhos because their first batch of tires broke away easily at their limits and had strange tire squirm, but I think they've cleaned up their act since then with the newer MXs.
ya i really wanted to stay with the toyos but at $160 each i just couldn't afford it, i got both kumohs for $130 total after mounting and balancing, well it's snowing out so lets go see how they do i'll post back on Tues. with my critique of the tires
Are Falken FK-451's available in your size? If so, I'd recommend giving them a try. They're nicely priced for how well they handle.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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