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Bought a short hub and quick release from campos and it's pretty nice. There's no play in it at all and it looks cool. I had to make a quick run to Ace's though to get new bolts to bolt in the steering wheel to the quick release as the ones I had were too long. I got the M5x.8-20 flat head hex bolts and they were perfect. Everything else needed to do the install came with the box.

The short hub is an unbranded one that campos sells and fits MK1/MK2/MK3 MR2's. Horn works and I have yet to drive the car as of this post so we'll see if the turn signal cancel works later on. The distance between stalk and steering wheel feels to be a little bit more than stock, though not enough to feel weird when driving. I'm not that tall of a guy, 5'8" and I'm comfortable with the distance. It comes with this aluminum piece to rest your horn button on, though it's an extremely tight fit. If your horn button is like mine and has no lip to rest on the steering wheel, you'll need to use that piece. I just let mine rest out a little bit so I could remove the horn whenever I want to.

I bought this because I wanted to start working on my interior and get things to match, turns out it looks real nice though the quick release ring is a fingerprint magnet. It's a cool item to show off during meets with my friends, but that's probably all it's going to be used for.

Here's some pictures:

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