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I am going through fixing my cars various electrical issues, and had a couple questions about some connectors I found that don't seem to plug in anywhere. Anyone know what they are?

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brown 2 pin, almost looks like fuel injector connector, but I have a cable going to each of my injectors already, including cold start injector. Right next to throttle body
Bicycle tire Automotive tire Bicycle frame Bicycle handlebar Nail

grey 2 pin connector. This one is by the fuse box in the engine bay. Don't have a clue what it goes to.
Tire Automotive tire Motor vehicle Asphalt Tread

These yellow cables do not seem stock. This one is in the passenger kick, and the car ran without it plugged in. I was thinking maybe a plug for some kind of audio system, but am unsure.
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Automotive tire Gesture Finger Nail Thumb
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similar deal as above. Seems to be tied into the same harness as above connector. Again in passenger kick.

any and all help would be greatly appreciated!


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