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Well I replaced my Nology wires in my MR2, it had them on it when I purchased the car and it ran fine so I just replaced them with the same.
Anyhow I noticed that the coil wire supplied will not work, it looks like to be a standard or 'universal' coil wire where as the 91 MR2 wire is a fitted piece with large boots on both ends, a weird seal thing built in and plastic locking clips.
Looking at them side by side I could see no way to make the Nology coil wire work and still retain a seal (the ends would plug in if I pulled the boot back).

Judging by the looks of the coil wire it wasn't changed last time either.

I REALLY want to replace the coil wire with a quality part, but I can't seem to locate a direct replacement from Nology or ANY other manufacturer.

Looks like my only choice is to purchase an entire new wire set from Toyota just for a coil wire.

I e-mailed Nology and am waiting for a response but I thought maybe someone here had an idea on how to make the Nology wire work OR where I can find a heavy duty/high quality coil wire without buying a whole new set.

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