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Recently bought a '93 mr2 na and looking for a general list of things I should replace/upgrade while I have it apart.

Had a look through the FAQs and this thread; anything you guys would add to this list? 160k miles.

ignition cap
ignition rotor
spark plugs
spark plug wires
check/set timing

valve cover gasket
spark plug tube seals
check/reseal oil pan
check for any other leak, replace seals if necessary

coolant flush
oil change
transmission fluid change
air filter

ball joints
tie rod ends
check/replace motor mounts
check/replace bushings

timing belt
water pump
front main seal
drive belts

various wiring/terminals replaced

Seems pretty solid, already done some of it. Also looking into cams/headers/exhaust, but I want to make sure all the systems are good before I go down that route. Thanks!

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You'd be best to save your money for a swap rather than try to get more power from the 5sfe. Enjoy it for what it is for now.
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