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Old news for 87+ owners, I guess.

I found a 1987 AW11 being dismantled down in Melbourne, and took the opportunity to steal the front strut tower brace and 4x brake calipers ("big"-brake swap; sick of warped rotors!) for a reasonably cheap price.

Anyone who hasn't swapped an 87+ brace into their 84/85/86 car, I implore you to do it. The install took five minutes - and that includes 1 minute to find my socket wrench and 3 minutes to open the delivery parcel!

Steering feel is much more "progressive"/smooth as you turn in on a corner, and the wheel has much greater authority over the car on a bumpy road - bumps seem to be transmitted through the wheel a lot less.

Not sure what it's done to overall handling, if anything, as I've not had a chance to push hard, but this install has been worth it just for making my 1986 hardtop MR2 feel a lot more "refined" and sure-footed. :)
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