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Hello everyone!

I have owned a 1993 MR2 since 2007. I am the third owner, but the second owner only had it for 1 year and drove it once because he was a truck driver. So it sat in his garage.

I'm all about rare and high quality parts. No knock offs or cheap stuff! I say do it right the first time. I do some autoX, but my main focus is canyon fun/street performance. I also attend a crap-ton of meets and car shows.

If you're interested follow me on IG at snow_white_mr2
I also run a blog at or you can like the Facebook page at

Anyway, I look forward to talking with everyone! :)
[/url]tumblr_nle2jhuKXm1u2ybr3o1_1280 by snowwhitemr2, on Flickr[/IMG]
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