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New owner and new to the automotive world. Been learning about cars for the past 5 months. Beginning to love and appreciate these amazing objects known as 'cars'. I am being given a 1995 MR2 from my dad which his dad used to have before he passed away (my grandfather). Car just won't kick over. Battery is perfectly fine but the car just won't start. I need to figure out whats wrong with it before I pay for any work done to it. Any suggestions? The car has been inside a garage since 2003. It still looks brand new. Also, where is the best place to start learning these MR2s inside and out? Im talking 5+ hours a day reading/watching/ learning about the history of these amazing cars. My dream is to start driving it by December 2015. Any help will be appreciated and will ALWAYS have pics/video of the process when helped. Thank you again,

P.S. Group B is my favorite. Wish the MK1 would've made it in time.
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