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New Gen II owner from Boston and St. Augustine

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What's up guys I'm Jordan, my grandfather recently passed down his 92' Turbo T-Top to me. I've worked on the car from a very young age and apparently all my years of hard work paid off. The car had been sitting in his garage in Florida from 2007-2017. He taught me how to drive a standard around 2017 and we did minor tuneups to the car as things came up. The car has been rock solid mechanically, the only major repair I have had to do is replace the master cylinder for the breaks. The car officially was transferred over to me this year. Since then I have done minor upgrades and repairs slowly changing out all of the old filters and belts. As a new owner, any tips would be appreciated. Also if anyone knows where I can get new leather seats and new mats drop a comment below.
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She also has around 145000 miles.
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