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New Clutch issues

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my toyota dealer has installed a new clutch in my 2003 MR2 sequential manual transmission and they have not been able to get the clutch to engage. At first they thought is was a chip issue buy now they thing possibly a hydraulics issue. Bottom line is I drove the car there to have a new clutch put in and not my car doesn't work and I"m getting pretty ticked off. Does anyone have any experience with this or suggestions as to what I do with the car if they can't get it to move? I'm in Las Vegas, NV
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I've heard that the SMT transmission system on the MR2 Spyder, which Toyota never made before or since, is so unusual/rare that very few dealers have mechanics that have a clue when asked to work on them.
I know that's not too helpful.
I assume there are several Toyota dealers in the Vegas area. Maybe ask your dealer's service manager to call around and find out if any of the area dealers have a mechanic experienced with the Spyder's SMT trans. Then have the car flatbedded over to them.
Or make the calls yourself and suggest that as an option. They'd probably be happy to see it gone at this point.
Maybe they don't know how to do a relearn on the controller.
Definitely find an experienced mechanic. Hope your dealer could help to find one.
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