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NEEED Drag Radials!

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Well I plan on running drag radials at all times on my car. It will be the only way to get traction in my lower gears and I'm mostly into drag racing, so corners don't matter all to much to me at this point in my life. The car will see a 50/50 mix of street driving and Sacramento Raceway. I also, don't care about tread life.

My wheels are 17x9+ 35 in the rear and currently running 245/40/17 T1-S's.

My fenders are as rolled as they get, and would be willing to add a sliiiight flare to fit a wider tire. I know I could pull off a 255/40/17, a 255/35/17, a 265/35 (or 30?)/17, or even in the size I run now... 245/40/17...

Unfortunatly I can not find any drag radial which will fit! I can find road course tires but those will have a stiff sidewall.

Any of you have any experiance with this? ElPalo? Anyone?
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I'v found a bunch of road course tires... Toyo RA1's, Advan A032R soft compounds, and Hoosier A3S05's. So, still no drag radials, but they will do better then street tires.
Drag radials feel really wierd for daily street driving from what I have noticed... Especially on the freeway. Plus they are soft enough that you will be replacing tires probably way more often than you anticipate...
I realize there would be sacrafices. A lot of my friends have to daily drive drag radials as well if they ever want to be able to hook up. It does feel a little odd, and tires are replaced every couple thousand miles at most, but at least you can attempt to use your power when you want. You have to pay to play!

Even with those R compound road course tires I can forget ever using first and probably second gear as well.

Until I can pick up some wheels for drag wheels/slicks and skinnies for the track, it looks like I'm stuck with the ones listed above. That is, unless someone here knows something I don't know!
Considering how fast a MKII can eat up normal radials on the rear, I can't imagine drag radials lasting long at all. As you've already seen, there aren't too many choices for drag radials in 17". The only common 17" drag radial size that I've seen is the 275/40-17. More than a couple do make drag radials in that size though. I would personally go w/ the Mickey Thompson ET Street Radial in 275/50-15 w/ a setup like yours.
buy cheap steel 15's if you have to. you're not going to fit a proper tire on your rim.
Put some 275 40 17 drags on there and hook up. Ive got 275 nittos on my 17x9.5s.
I wouldn't really recommend R compounds either. The compound might be sticky and there is minimal tread but the sidewalls are the complete opposite of what drag tires should be. You'll probably be better off running Azenis than going R compounds.
Look into the mickye thompson dr's. also alot of my friends use the bfg dr's for daily driving and ____. thread life isnt' TOO bad on em and they hook pretty nice. The MT's are real nice tires but pretty expensive. I'm not too sure they have em in that size anyway but i know the bfg's are. nitto also makes some but they aren't that great.
I do realize tread life will be bad but as I said I am not concerned with this.

I have found some 275/40/17's but they will probably rip my fender off :)

I am just looking for a solution for street driving, without looking like compleat _____:) So the steelies are outta the question lol. I WILL buy drag wheels and slicks later on for the strip, but I need something for the streets. Damn 17's!

So you guys really think some street tires would do better then RA1's or A032R's? I talked to a guy with the A032R's on his turbo miata, while making no where near the power I am, he said it hooked VERY well and of course also handled great.

I'm looking at 550-620rwhp so I guess It'll just be a tire shreading machine until I can buy drag wheels and slicks :( Haha oh well..

Any idea how to make those 275/40/17's fit??? ;)
Too bad I opted for the flush fitment on my wheels.... Of course i didnt realize I'd be making this much power later on either... Anyone wanna trade a + 43 for a + 35?? haha
bfg has the dr's in 255/40/17. my friend rocks those on his 410whp pump gas 200 sx(fwd) and hooks ok on em. with that kinda power really though dr's aren't gonna be the great hookers ever, much better than street tires htough.
They have a 255/40/17????? Those are the DR's that I have wanted but I can't seem to find them in my size. Tirerack says they dont have them in that size so I'm waiting to DL some stuff to I can view BFgooriches site. If you are right, you just made my day!
Well according to their site they do not make those in that size. It skips from 225/40/17 to 275/40/17. He must have the 225's on there.
ah damn you're right, i must have been lookin at the wrong size on the chart.
they have a 245/45/17
Yeah...Kinda tall...

Ohhh well... Road course tires for the street wheels, and I'll buy some drag wheels/slicks off Josh at a later time when I can.
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