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Hello everyone,

Hoping someone can explain this to me, because I am not sure what to do. Have a 1993 Turbo and want to upgrade the Headlights.

I purchased these headlights "". The way I read the description, the plug follows a standard H4 setup. If the MR2 follows the 4656 socket, I would just flip the ground and low beam. However this is where I am getting mixed information.

Some articles are stating that the MR2 has two grounds and others are saying that old Toyota's have the 4656 socket. Looking for someone who has done this (in any capacity). Are these "plug and play" or am I splicing wires? Is the amount of watts these produce safe for the MR2? Should I get a set that have less/more? Should I even bother and return them? Should I get PrimeDriven's MR2 LEDs?

I'm not an electrical engineer, but do understand basic concepts. Just really looking for some guidance please.

Planning on taking a few pictures in hopes of giving a few folks some additional options.

Thank you in advance!
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