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Cacaman said:
I did a wire tuck as well on my MR2.

My Opinion: I know it doesn't matter much because I don't come to this board as often as I used to but... this is the most useless thing that I've ever done to my MR2. I spent 8 hours of my time and energy to make my car even more useless; increased engine bay volume and decreased truck space volume. Does that make sense? I just made my car even more useless and even distributed some weight (albeit: negligible) to the end of the car. So it makes the engine bay look a little nicer (perception), but don't go and open that trunk! It looks like a tornado just took a dump in there (well, not mine but some other examples on this forum)!!

Sorry, I had to blurt it out. Good luck on the project!
How often do you go "hey guys, check out my ____ing trunk! Clean as hell!" Doug? :p

That's why you need to finish the "tuck" and extend the engine harness so you can put everything in the drivers side pocket of the trunk where you won't lose any trunk space.
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