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I'm in the final steps of competing my 2GR swap. Figured I'd document it here

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69k mile 2008 Camry 2GR. Came with the wiring harness, but it was cut. $1080
Was missing an idler pulley $30

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Wrinkle painted the valve covers $14

Ported the lower intake. New gaskets $18
Scored a berk exhaust for $150 with a dent


Metal VVT line $24

1GR ac compressor $250
TCS AC lines black friday sale $115
Serp belt $25


Fidanza flywheel $300
ACT Hybrid Clutch $130
Ebay Pressure Plate $66
OEM Flywheel bolts $14
Pressure plate bolts $9
Throw out bearing $32
Data storage device Gauge CD Measuring instrument Circle

Rat 2 mount $165
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IS250 intake $50
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Chevy cruze expansion tank $20
Bracket $7
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3 pin coolant sensor $10
Coolant tee $8
Passenger coolant hose $13
Driver side hose $18

FMW ECU $550
ECU small plug $20
DBW cable $20
Coolant pllug $8
Denso O2 sensors $140

OEM Style rear exhausts $315
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Camry Y Pipe $146
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Earls fuel hose $30
Wilhelm Fitting $15
Bosch FPR $20
Radium housing $66
Filter $6
AN fittings $12
USMW Fuel pump $50
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This puts me at $3950
It'll be raining the next 2 days so I can't put the motor in the car yet.
I got more little things to buy. My front mount is broken so thats another $40, and fluids and stuff too should put be a bit over $4000

Feel free to give me sh!t over the Rat2 mount, is250 intake, and T pipe exhaust, I've already heard it all from the FMW discord lollll

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So far so good but I’d skip Starbucks for a month and splurge on a good sets of headers and Y pipe.
Goood job on report on your build.
I don’t spend $1500 a month on starbucks 😭 but it’s definitely on the upgrade list down the line. Honestly I’d be happy with 250-260whp. T pipe keeps the power low and my s54 safe 😂

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Im not giving crap for anything that Im seeing here. Well done, low budget 2GR swap - I dig it and makes me think MORE about one if/when something happens with my gen3.
yeah getting frankenstein motor works and tcs parts will add like $2500 to the total, maybe another $1k if I don’t do the wiring myself. At most that will get me like 50-60hp which I don’t think is worth it, but if anything I’ll buy his $175 intake pipe if my fuel trims are off

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More progress made, got the flywheel mounted and torqued down. Instead of running a helicoil into the top right hole, I just ran a 1/2" tap and i'm running a 1/2" bolt. Much simpler this way.
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If anyone else is trying to run a 91 s54 trans, you gotta open up this hole above the clutch slave. The 5s uses an m10, the 2gr uses an m12. I didn't see this mentioned anywhere
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Engine is finally installed, took me and my dad about 40 minutes
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Gates 21760 works perfectly as the driver side hose. No need to extend the end just trim about 3.5 inches off
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Chevy Cruze Coolant Reservoir mocked up. Looks very OEM
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Wish me luck on the wiring :///

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Finally got to wiring.
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Cut the hole in the trunk but i wish i cut it higher. Its low like this because I thought i was having the ecu mounted like this:
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but then I realized its not indented so it protrudes out of the trunk liner :/ so I guess its gonna go something like this
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I wired everything up and connected the battery nothing caught on fire. Plugged in the pedal and the throttle body could open and close. OBDII port shows no codes.
Should fire up tomorrow

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Well depressing update... I got a bunch of codes

Front bank stuff.
Originally I was running on only the rear 3 cylinders bc i didnt have coil power to the front bank... that might have messed something up.
Also on the front valve cover I had messed up on my first paint job. I ended up using paint stripper and redoing it... maybe some gunk got into the valve covers and I didnt clean the baffles properly and it gunked up?

idk im sad

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this is an excerpt from the factory service manual diagnostics section.

View attachment 86516

forget about the misfire codes for now. The other two codes seem to come up frequently on 2gr swap first starts. It is likely they are caused by a fault in the wiring. "Check the wiring" is general advice but what I would check specifically is this: The engine harness has grounding terminals that are secured to the cylinder head and the valve covers in several points. These vary by what harness you use - meaning, the ground point terminals may be in slightly different locations depending on whether your harness came from a Rav4 or a Camry or a Sienna or what have you. There are maybe three of these ground points, one to the top of each valve cover and one or two to the side of the cylinder heads above the transmission. Make sure these are all secured properly and making clean contact. Also each head must be grounded to the chassis. The two ground wires should run from each cylinder head or valve cover to the chassis, somewhere near the strut tower. Check my video on "2GR-FE Ground Points." Moviing on to the specific codes these are both related to the intake side on the front bank. So this narrows down what you need to look for. The intake camshaft has one ocv and one camshaft position sensor. They are easy to identify because they are on the side of the valve cover closer to the valley between the heads. Unplug them, check the connectors, plug them back in. Also, you can swap the camshaft position sensors from different positions - they are all the same. If the code moves with the sensor, then you know it's the sensor. That's all for now. Good luck.
thank you, i will go through all my ground points first. I think I solved my misfire codes by unplugging my AFRS, I did not give it its own fuse so it may have taken power from the coils? I will check back after fixing the grounds

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well I unplugged the battery and replugged it to reset the ecu and no more codes... weird. anyways next issue is coolant, it drank like 4 gallons but for some reason the passenger frunk pipe stays cold and the heater doesnt blow hot. Minor things but I should be good
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