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I'm in the final steps of competing my 2GR swap. Figured I'd document it here

View attachment 86268
69k mile 2008 Camry 2GR. Came with the wiring harness, but it was cut. $1080
Was missing an idler pulley $30

View attachment 86269
Wrinkle painted the valve covers $14

Ported the lower intake. New gaskets $18
Scored a berk exhaust for $150 with a dent


Metal VVT line $24

1GR ac compressor $250
TCS AC lines black friday sale $115
Serp belt $25


Fidanza flywheel $300
ACT Hybrid Clutch $130
Ebay Pressure Plate $66
OEM Flywheel bolts $14
Pressure plate bolts $9
Throw out bearing $32
View attachment 86270
Rat 2 mount $165
View attachment 86271

IS250 intake $50
View attachment 86272

Chevy cruze expansion tank $20
Bracket $7
View attachment 86273
3 pin coolant sensor $10
Coolant tee $8
Passenger coolant hose $13
Driver side hose $18

FMW ECU $550
ECU small plug $20
DBW cable $20
Coolant pllug $8
Denso O2 sensors $140

OEM Style rear exhausts $315
View attachment 86274
View attachment 86275

Camry Y Pipe $146
View attachment 86276
Earls fuel hose $30
Wilhelm Fitting $15
Bosch FPR $20
Radium housing $66
Filter $6
AN fittings $12
USMW Fuel pump $50
View attachment 86277

This puts me at $3950
It'll be raining the next 2 days so I can't put the motor in the car yet.
I got more little things to buy. My front mount is broken so thats another $40, and fluids and stuff too should put be a bit over $4000

Feel free to give me sh!t over the Rat2 mount, is250 intake, and T pipe exhaust, I've already heard it all from the FMW discord lollll
So far so good but I’d skip Starbucks for a month and splurge on a good sets of headers and Y pipe.
Goood job on report on your build.
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