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posted by altivec

to all owners of MR2 in the province of Quebec. I am currently working with all the Toyota club in the province of Quebec and the Ontario MR2 Club to have as many MR2's from Quebec to join the annual meet.

Departure will start from the Quebec City and head up to Montreal to join the others, after that will head up to Ottawa to join up with the "Ottawa TRD Club" and then go up to Kingston.

More details about departure and the ride will be updated later. If you have any questions, you can contact me via e-mail.

[email protected]

I hope that every MR2 owner from Quebec will have their name on that list.

Here the club am hoping to grab people from:
- Toyodori (Club of Toyota Amateur of Quebec)
- MR2 Club of Quebec
- MontrealRacing
- Ontario MR2 Club

1) Altivec (Toyodori, Club MR2 Quebec, MontrealRacing)
2) BossMR2 (Toyodori)
3) SumThingWong (Toyodori, Club MR2 Quebec, OMOC, MontrealRacing)
4) Daz (Toyodori, Club MR2 of Quebec)
5) RollaPat (Toyodori, MontrealRacing)
6) ToyManiac (Toyodori, MontrealRacing)
7)SimonB (Toyodori)
8)MRspider (Toyodori, Club MR2 Quebec
9)El-Stados (Toyodori)
10)EvoChuck (Toyodori, MontrealRacing)
11)mk1mr2 (Toyodori)
12)CYHU (Toyodori, MontrealRacing, Club Supra Quebec)
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