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mr2 w30 compatibility

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my mr2 w30 1zz engine blew and i want to get a new and better one ist the 2zz compatible with my mr 2 pls help

build year august of 2000
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Yes the 2zz is compatible with minor modifciations. I am providing some rough estimates on the bare minimum cost.

  • motor mount adapter ($60)
  • throttle position sensor wiring modification. free
  • oil dipstick tube - modify existing to fit. free
  • modification of a handful of wires on the engine harness. free

Other items you will need to purchase
exhaust header - fits to exisiting downpipe ($400)
air intake (or modify original intake to fit). ($200)
2zz flywheel (you can re-use your existing clutch) ($200)
2zz ECU $300.

JDM engine ($1,600)

You may continue to use your existing transmission and axles.

If you total up the bare minimum costs I've listed, it's $2,800 or so for engine and parts.

This is a swap that you can make as simple/cheap or elaborate/expensive as you want. You can easily spend $10,000-$12,000 on the swap to build a track ready vehicle.

PS> If anyone has any doubt whether the premium cost of a JDM engine is worth it, have a look at this short video, on why I buy only JDM engines for engine swaps and replacements.

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