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Originally posted by Cardiac:
Here are the ones that came to mind in the last hour or so:

TVIS = Toyota Variable Induction System
EGR = Exhaust Gas Recirculation
WG = Wastegate
ABS = Antilock Braking System
ECU = Electronic Control Unit
EFI = Electronic Fuel Injection
ISC = Idle Speed Control
PCV = Positive Crankcase Ventilation
VSV ? Vacuum Switching Valve
AFM = Air Flow Meter
IC = InterCooler
SRS = Supplemental Restraint System

Originally posted by adampad:
MBC = Manual Boost Controller
EBC = Electronic Boost Controller
BGB = Big Green Book (Toyota Service Manual)

Originally posted by smc:
SMIC = Side Mount InterCooler
TMIC = Top Mount InterCooler
FMIC = Front Mount InterCooler (although not really applicable to MR2s)

Originally posted by RedRoof2:
HFH = Hose from Hell

Originally posted by buoy:
MAP - Manifold Air Pressure
MAF - Mass Air Flow
FPR - Fuel Pressure Regulator
TDC - Top Dead Center
MR2 - Midship Runabout 2-Seater
FCD - Fuel Cut Defender/Defensor
Also, some MR2-board nomenclature:
CT20b - The revised CT26 with more power potential.
Deuce - An MR2
2 - An MR2

Originally posted by maxboostMR2

TMIC can also mean trunk mount intercooler

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Originally posted by: TelekineticFool

WI = Water Injection
CEL = Check Engine Light
NOS = Nitrous Oxide Systems
NX = Nitrous Express
DOHC = Double Overhead Cam
NA = Normally Aspirated

Originally posted by: Fawker
MAP = manifold absolute pressure

Originally posted by: Pat Signorino
HFHOE = Hose from Hell on Earth (which is different from the HFH)

Originally posted by: silver deuce
Greddy PEx - Greddy Power Extreme Dual Exhaust
a2w ic = air to water intercooler
a/t - automatic transaxle
atf - automatic transmission fluid
btdc - before top dead center
ect - electronic controlled tranaxle
efi - electronic fuel injection
egr - exhaust gas recirculation
elr - emergency locking retractor
esa - electronic spark advance
led - light emitting diode
ps - power steering
srs - supplemental restraint system
ssm - special service meterial
sst - special service tools
tdc - top dead center
t-vis - toyota variable induction system
twc - three-way catayst
vsv - vacuum switching valve

Originally posted by: Raptor13x
AWIC - Air to Water Intercooler

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Originally posted by JekylandHyde
VPC = Vein Pressure Converter
AFC = Air Fuel Controller
DSBC = Dual Solenoid Boost Controller

Originally posted by 2rbo2
BOV-blow off valve
BPV-bypass valve
WOT-wide open throttle
DLC-data link connector
IAC-idle air control
TT-turbo timer
OEM-original equipment manufactured

Originally posted by archiemr2
EGT - exhaust gas temperature
HP - horse power
BHP - brake horsepower
RWHP - rear wheel horsepower
TQ - torque
HG - head gasket
EMS - engine management system
TRD - Toyota Racing Development

Originally posted by mister2driver
SC - Supercharged
LSD - Limited Slip Differential
MR2 - Mid-Engine , Rear wheel drive, 2 seater.

Yar! The technicality of it all!
I personally like to call it the "midengine rearwheeldrive 2seater"

But yeah, TECHNICALLY, the "R" stands for Runabout. It just doesn't sound cool enough though! *sigh*

Another example is SR-5, which stands for Sport Runabout-5speed

Somebody forgot to add "AFR" to the list of acronyms!

AFR: air/fuel ratio

O2S: oxygen sensor
HO2S: heated oxygen sensor
CR: compression ratio
P&P: port and polish
CAI: cold air intake
i/h/e: intake, headers and exhaust upgrade
dizzy: distributor
ICM: ignition control module

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93smgturbo said:
Not in the MR2 world. Check my screen name. I used to have a 1993 steel mist gray turbo. Hence the SMG.

The MKIII had SMG/SMT (sequential manual gearbox/transmission)
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