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more questions .

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this is gonna go on for a while.
Started on the interior today. Again mice here and there. They nearly ate or made next out of all the matting on the back of the rear firewall cover. It may be what I found in the passenger quarter panel.
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The advice I was given to power wash the mats was dead on. I am going to try it on the divider too.
- Are the push in fasteners used in the car common? Are there any that are not? The ones on the rear quarter cover and the cover panel under the window are new to me.
Road surface Asphalt Tar Concrete Soil
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- what is the device in the passenger quarter section? It does not appear to be wired to the speakers.
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I am not going to disconnect any electrical devices before I put power back on the car to see what works and whats dead.
- the car has both a windshield antenna and a rear quarter antenna. Is this normal? Is a replacement power antenna available? I am assuming a universal power antenna wont fit here.

- Is there a trick to separating the rear quarter window cover from the piece that runs along the top of the windshield? Does that piece need to come off first and if so how? just pull? Ditto for the sill covers? I have been lucky so far and havent broken an interior piece though I have broken some fasteners.

I am beginning to believe the brown sticky stuff is degrading mouse piss. I have found little surface rust and no cancer. Mounting brackets for anything all seem to have surface rust, or corrosion, somewhere. I have yet to stumble across the showstopper repair.



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For the antenna, I fixed my mast by using a replacement from
Good service and quick shipping.
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