I am finally parting ways with my beloved collection of MR2 collectibles. I have some of the most hard to find, sought after plastic models new in their original boxes. Some are still in the shrink wrap! Every periodical printed on the MKI MR2, matchbox cars, all 3 editions of Hyper REV magazines covering the MR2 and a holy grail of collectibles. New in its original box, a TYCO R/C MKI MR2! The box is old and not perfect, but the car has never been taken out of the box! If someone buys the entire collection I will include MR2 mugs, original Toyota sales brochures covering all years of the MKI as well as VINTAGE TRD magazines. I will add pictures as I can. This is a very cool collection that has been built up over 30 years. Email me with questions or requests for individual pieces.

I will sell individual collectibles for an appropriate offer.

Completed model is NOT for sale. That one stays with me.