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i am having trouble, my engine sounds like its misfiring at different rpms and throttle points, i can be crusing just fine and nothings wrong but sometimes it does misfire. then i can nail the throttle and nthing will happen until like3000 then it sounds like its misfiring, ive changed the plugs, wires, cap and rotor,checked all wiring, i have no idea.
heres m,y mods:
i am using the ngk bkr6e, set to 28. running the ignition is a MSD SCI and blaster SS coil with the tach adapter, i am going to change the stock wires to MSD 8.5,

i have a s-afc, twosrus mbc, ss autochrome 3inch dual exhaust, ko 2.5-3 inch down pipe, maxspeed airfilter, hks vpc, ats cam gears, hks 264 cams, adjustable rising rate fuel pressure reg., ceramics power ct26 greddy fcd( i cant get it to push more than 12psi witthout hitting boost cut. i have disconnected the proper wires and vacume lines but still cant get it to stop boost cut), Berk Technology Inter cooler
i did a compression check and am showing 160 in cyl1, 150 cyl2, 155 cyl3 and 155 cyl4

i just cant figure this stuff out.
on a side note, the plugs i pulled outlooked like the had a bit of rust or reddish brown powder on them, those plugs were Bosch coppers( formerly 99 centers from autozone)

please help
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