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Well, the next monthly meet for the MSMOC will be Saturday Feb. 18th! If it is raining (or snowing) I will NOT be there. But, if weather is nice (enven if cold) I WILL be there. See y'all at the same ole place ( Sonic 7636 Highway 70 Bartlett, TN 38133 ). See link for a roll call

Plus, our events section has been updated to show all the monthly meets for 2006 you just have to scroll down a bit for now ( ).

Had a pretty good turn out in January so lets see if more folks can show up for February.

I know that this is the same time as the BIG event in NC. But, if you are not able to go to NC then come on over to our meet. I know some of our group is going to the BIG meet in NC.

Daniel :thumbup
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