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Buyer beware: Stay away from Megillian Motorsports.

Steve will accept your money and tell you something like "there's a 6 week lead time".

After that, don't expect any form of communication unless you are so peristent as to be a complete pain in the ass. 5-6 months later, when you're still waiting for your parts, he'll start to get progressively more nasty with you. If you request a refund, don't expect it quickly. You'll get the same song and dance about how he's out of town on an emergency. Or he'll tell you how he has to "add funds to PayPal in order to issue the refund."

Sorry mate, those are things that can be done in 2 seconds from your cell phone no matter where you are. Funny how I never had to "add funds" to send you money when I paid up front for the parts. I used the instant transfer option, as I always have since 2001... it's not new.

The moral of the story is, unless you're actually in the UK and can walk into his shop and buy parts that you see right in front of you, my recommendation is to shop elsewhere... unless you like being called names and lied to in a persistent and systematic fashion.

There was a group buy on Spyderchat several months ago, most of those people are still waiting. I ordered my parts on January 30, 2019 - I finally got my refund on May 25, 2019. And the icing on the cake is I lost about $70.00 USD due to the exchange rate changing during that time. During the process he suddenly wants to communicate, asking me to cancel the PayPal dispute - NO WAY, NO HOW.

When I finally got my refund, I posted on his FB page a simple message - "Don't lie to your customers - if it's going to be 6 months, don't tell them 6 weeks" - he saw that right away and asked me to take it down, started complaining that "I never gave him the chance to ship the parts". He ended by calling me a wanker and saying to never contact him again.

Bad business all the way around. Fairly warned, you all are.
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