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and only post once. I want to know what open issues are still out there.

I want a concise post about what happened, how long the order is taking, what parts are missing, etc.

Post your real name and the location or region you live.

We need details. I saw one post where the guys says he had $12,000 worth of work done, but only posted a $3000 invoice.

How did your stuff break? Racing? Going to work? or sitting in the shop?

Did you blue print the engine / trans after you got it? Or just install it out of the crate?

Only post once, this is not an opinion thread, it is not here to lynch them, it is here to gather the facts into one thread. Anyone posting that does not have an open issue will have their post deleted.

Lets keep this to recent issues, not stuff for 2 or three years ago, unless they are still open.

It must be you with the issue, not a friend of a friend.

I am away racing for a week. When I return I will review the issues.
MCS, You are welcome to post your response in here.

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Currently waiting on a transmission rebuilt / 93 synchro upgrade / quaife LSD install since mid December of last year (over 9 months now). Total cost was about $2200.

In about mid March I started wondering if I would have my transmission in time for summer / autocross season, and contacted Shaun. Was told they were having issues getting parts. Mid april I am getting annoyed since I have now missed the first autocross of the season. Somewhere arround this time Shaun tells me that they got it finished, went to bench test it, and the axles wouldn't fit into the Quaife, and that they were talking with Quaife tech support.

At that point he offered me a loaner transmission (basically send me a core) to get me by for the summer. I accepted, and he gave me a tracking number for R+L Carriers. Tracking number was invalid. Talked to R+L, they had no record of it being picked up, and this remained the situation for about two weeks. Shaun tells me that my transmission somehow got shipped to Georgia, and they were going to ship it directly from there to me. Tracking number is still invalid. A day or two later, the tracking number is magically valid, and shows the transmission being picked up in New Mexico (what happened to Georgia?).

Skipping over some issues with getting a vechical speed sensor, we move to about Aug 1st, when Shaun tells me over the phone that my transmission was done and that he was wrapping it up to ship. Gave me a tracking number for Con-Way freight. Long story short, that tracking number was never valid, and I still don't have a transmission.

In the course of all of this, I was promised a phone call at least a half dozen times, and maybe got one. In fact, I am currently waiting on a call-back that was promised for monday afternoon. Also it has usually taken atleast 2 emails from me to get one back from Shaun.

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MCS stated they were willing to refund customers in the earls brake lines group buy. I have asked repeatedly to be refunded via email as they have stated numerous times now that they don't check their thread online. They have ignored my request for a refund, probably because I haven't complained loud enough yet.

MCS I would like my refund turbodreammr2 "at"

Ryan sears Las Vegas NV

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I ordered a quaife atb differential ($1300) from mcs almost two and a half months ago, and every time I call I usually don't get through so I leave a message and they reply by email. The one time I called to talk to Shaun he said he got an email on my order and it was shipped and should be to my house soon, so I emailed him the next day and asked him if he could toward me that info he got from them due to a lot of post I read of upset costomers I didn't belive him and I wanted proof, well he wasn't happy about that and said "Glad you found gossip information on MR2oc. While kids play on the forum, we are busy building race cars and overwhelmugly making our customer base happy." then a few weeks later he finaly forwarded the emails he got and they looked like he wrote them up on note pad. So with the info he gave me I contacted quaife and the informed me they do not have any record of this company and I even gave them his name thinking maybe he was using a different shop name and same thing nothing in record with that name, there also was an email address on the one forward [email protected] and I tried to email him directly but didn't work? So when I was talking with quaife they also informed me that there is no Tim that works there? So now I'm trying to contact Shaun and demand a refund of all my money back a total of $1325 and I will not give them a 20 percent restocking fee due to the fact I never received the part and also because I was told they order the differential directly from quaife so technically the part was never in stock.

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I have a long standing issue with MCS. They're friendly when I can talk to them about it, but they never actually seem to ship anything. All my evidence points toward my good nature and patience being abused. Perhaps some friendly pressure can help by opening up my own issue?

Keep in mind Shuan is incredibly nice and most of the emails and conversations are friendly in nature.

I have emails to backup all of this. Things are abridged to the major points. Most emails are responded after 1 or 2 emails and, later on, a phone call or two.

$5,850- 6/09/08: Stroker Long block with head work ordered. (I was mulling over picking up an ATS model, but McColley went out of his way to sell me on his longblocks, "Good Customer Service" and all.) We settle on going 50% now, 50% when it finishes/ships.

6/25/08: First notification that things are backed up because of "head work".

$400- 6/26/08: After rereading RickyB's articles, I offer to throw in the Fidanza oversized valves with the headwork.

7/7/08: Head work expected back the next day.

7/8/08: Pics of engine block received. I finish out payment in full.

7/16/08: "We've begun final assembly, cam degree, etc, etc. We will keep you posted. =)"

8/18/08: "We hope to have have everything buttoned up very soon! I will let you know for sure by Wednesday."

9/16/08: Received email saying some hired help apparently botched the port jobs on some of the heads-mine included. They are backed up and an honest ETA is no longer available. He mentions hiring a office guy to help answer my calls/emails.
-Despite being irritated that the bad port job took 2 months to notice... I voiced some support and patience.

11/19/08: I ask for a refund till there is a verifiable/reliable ETA. (That's only fair right?) ETA is stated as first week of December. We talked over the phone regarding the matter and sound assured over the delivery. He mentions there are only 2 engines ahead of mine.

12/17/08: I email requesting half refund since the engine hasn't shipped or a new ETA given. Shuan acquiesces and offers a percentage to a card on file. I agree. There is a promise of pictures of the engine.

Around this time I get to know Nick pretty well. He answers the phone and always differs to Shaun about engine build questions. Shaun, is rarely around (not that I blame him, second job and all-mentioned lots of travel).
*Still no Refund*

2/25/09: Shuan mentions that it takes 2 billing cycles for the refund to show up when questioned about it.

Around now I just call the shop... we have some discussions about the refund and how I don't see it. "There are only 2 motors ahead of mine..."

4/03/09: I receive an invoice stating that MCS sent the money. I fax him my bank transaction papers (important information blotted out obviously. ;) ) showing that I never received anything.

4/27/09: Another email: "...We shipped (2) motors last week - we're narrowing the pipeline as fast as we can. "

5/26/09: After 3 emails, I receive a positive reply from Shaun regarding how things are (no progress).

$370- 5/28/09: Ordered a FX400 Clutchmaster clutch to be shipped with everything else.

6/1/09: Good natured ribbing (modified from the pics he sent me):

7/14/09: Shaun declares that refunds are being issued and that he can't keep the money for the head work in good conscious.

7/16/09: I offer and we agree to keep the refund as store credit. Shortly thereafter I create a shopping list over the agreed amount to be refunded.

7/29/09: Shaun acknowledges the parts list.
8/5/09: "We'll get the parts readied for you in the next few days." The UEGO I wanted had to be ordered.

8/31/09: The UEGO "...arrives tomorrow". They are going to ship everything at once. " me -> :smile: "

9/17/09: The last direct email I sent, just asking for an update.

As of yet, I've called twice since then with no response. I'll call again later.

Now I'm not irate mind you. I just want my investment. I'd go so far as delete this post if I can get the stuff and say I'm a happy customer.

Bad things happened on MCS's end. It happens. I can understand that and move on. I'm still rather pleasant about the whole thing. But with the clock running at a year plus, I have to atleast add to this thread.
That said, Shaun is a pretty stand up guy.

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Well, I've still got an issue, as of now.

Will give a brief run down. I ran into many problems and drama along the way, however, most ended up resolved and are completely unrelated to the current issue.

19/12/2006, made payment for my own and a mates long engines to MCS (then MT-Buggies) had made special request for custom length rods and obviously custom pistons to suit such rods.

Invoice is shown below:

15/10/2007, I receive the engine here in Australia. Alot of details in the interim period, however, none of them are relevant to my current issue.

~15/4/2008, Finally got the car running again. Was rooted around by a few people with clutches and then had a substantial wait for one from the USA.

I drive the car for a few months, put some KM's on it, get it tuned. I then noticed that when I did the gearbox rebuild I installed one of the shift rods 180 degrees out so the detet mech wasn't working.

January of 2009 I pull the engine again, fix the box, put a new turbo on the engine (coked mineral oil starved the turbo of oil) and then put the engine back in. The SX fuel pump I was using then fails. I have to wait for parts to arrive from SX performance under warranty, this happens quite quickly. A couple of weeks down the track and after having problems with a timing belt a customer had brought into my mates workshop not tensioning properly, we realised he had supplied a gen 2 timing belt for a gen 3 motor. This gave me flashbacks to when I was putting my engine in, and after doing a little snooping, I had noticed that a gen 2 belt had been fitted to my engine that ran a 5sfe oil pump, and thus, required the gen 3 belt. I had a look and the tensioner was severely over extended. I also had a weep from around the sump at the time, so I decided I'd remove the sump to reseal. In the process I came across some disturbing annomalies. The rods caps were marked 5sfe. I contacted Pauter to enquire if this signified they were a 5SFE rod, or if a custom length 5sfe rod been ordered by MCS.

28/02/2009 I got the following reply from Don @ Pauter:
Mr Colebourne,
Our records show an MCS Motorsports purchase of standard 5SFE rods on March of 2007. No other rods of that make were sold to them.

This same day I emailed Shaun with the problems that had arised and asked how he thought we could resolve the problem.

I got the following reply:

Hi James,

The Greddy timing belt is indeed for the GEN II... When timed up and degreed, the specs were ok. Looks like the belt stretched beyond what is called for by the BGB. We had been putting the 3S crank pulleys on the motor to compensate for this - not sure what happened here James. I can send you a OEM timing belt if you wish - or - a 3S crank pulley.

I'm very concerned on the piston/rod issue, and I can tell you that I will do everything I can do to resolve this amicibly.

Let me give you some background, as I feel it is necessary. The first batch of motors we built in 06/07 were assembled by a contracter local to us. He was given specs by us, ordered the parts, and assembled the motors. We eventually took over the gentleman's accounts and I bought his business. I specifically sent your specs on the pistons/rods to him. He confirmed them, told me they were doable, and we progressed.

I'm really at a lost for words, James.

I remember noticing the 5S engraving on the piston as well, but was told it was normal because the rod was fitted for a 5S crank. That made sense to me at the time and I had no suspicion to question it. As far as the pistons are concerned, how are you actually determining this? From the picture?

James. I'm want to make sure this gets taken care of professionally and promptly. I know for a fact that the motor does not need to be dropped to do a timing belt. However, if these suspicions are true (on the rod/piston) then it will need to be done, right?

I'd be willing to send you a shortblock James, to rectify this. I don't want this to turn into a nitemare for us.

Can you make time for a phone call?



I gave Shaun a call to discuss. And specified that due to my location, I would be happy to just get my hands on the correct pistons/rods/replacement HG & crank and I would source myself another late model block locally and have it prepped for the pistons. I do not think the sleeves I had ordered and payed for were ever fitted either, but I guess I will find that out when I eventually pull the original engine down.

11/3/2009, Still trying to get the correct components ordered. CP is telling Shaun the pistons cant be done. I call CP myself to discuss, knowing full well a mate of mine is using pistons with the same compression height in his drag motor. End out working it out with CP that a oil control ring rail will be required, but it will work.

20/3/2009, I have a torque plate fabricated, in preparation for building the replacement motor

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21/3/2009, get confirmation with CP that the order for the pistons had been placed, at this stage, still no confirmation with pauter that rods order has been placed. CP stage 3-4 week lead time on the pistons. After talking with Shaun I decide that EDM drilling of rods and resizing of big end (originally I had specified 5sfe size, however, on the new crank we decided to go 3sgte size) and agree that I will pay for the added cost. I end up ordering myself a gen 3 timing belt (ex japan) out of my own pocket around this point in time, as shaun cannot get access to any aftermarket items easily in the states.

9/4/2009, Shaun sends me invoice for the EDM drilling & crank grind to 3sgte big end size, totally $560USD. I make payment immediately.

18/4/2009, I email Pauter to confirm the order had been placed. Below is the reply I received:
We seem to be having a bit of a snag in communication between the 4 of us. Don replied to Shaun on the 9th but has not heard back from him with any payment information. On any custom order, we require prepayment before we start the parts. To help avoid confusion, I'm sending this from Don's e-mail account so he will be able to have both sets of e-mail and you can reply directly to him.

At this stage I give up on chasing up everything myself, and leave it in Shauns hands, so never actually confirm when/if the rods got ordered.

Some time passes, a bit of pestering on my behalf for updates.

5/7/09 In response to an email of mine asking for a status update, Shaun says they have shipped! Considering I had never supplied a current address. I asked to where. He replied with my original address the motor was sent to in 2007. I email back and tell him thats a problem, as I don't live there anymore, and give him an updated address. He says he will get onto fedex and have it redirected.

For a couple of weeks I beg and plead for some tracking details.

18/7/09, I receive an email from Shaun

"It is resolved - I'm on travel, will send you info when I get to the hotel... At airport now... Same tracking number.."

Thats funny, because I had just been requesting a tracking number for the last two weeks, and hadn't received one, so have no idea what the 'same tracking number' is.

24/7/09 I email Shaun telling him I haven't see the parts yet, and asking whats going on.

25/7/09 Shaun replies to my email

I talked with Fedex this morning... It seems that when I *tried* to change the shipping address it reverted back to us... Just another snafu in the big scheme of things. I apologize.

It should be here this afternoon, we'll get the right address and get it re-shipped!




I check the tracking number supplied, it doesn't work.

28/7/09, I check the tracking number again, it works, however, there is are inconstencies, considering the parcel is meant to contain a crank, pistons and rods. Below is my email to shaun

"You got that parcel out to me yet.

I will likely be moving again in about a month as I am looking at purchasing property. If it doesn?t go out soon I can see more issues arising.

What can I expect to the receive. That tracking number you gave me certainly wasn?t for my gear, unless I got some sort of super light variant (at 4.6lbs).

Would appreciate if you were just up front with me.



The tracking info listed the parcel weight @ 4.6lbs.

30/7/09, Shaun replies, admitting the parcel hadn't been shipped

Trying to be as upfront as I need to be.

I/we/MCS has not shipped the package yet. I/we/MCS hope to ship it this week. I have had family in town, so my time at the shop has been 0.

I apologize for the delay but I can't do anything more at this point in time.

Not what you wanted to hear, but I'm being honest.


30/7/09, I send an email asking when I can expect it to go out, as I will be moving shortly

4/7/09 I send another email asking an ETA

6/08/09 Shaun replies

We plan to get it out tomorrow... I'll send it to any address you want. Your fathers', mothers', sisters', etc. If you don't want to chance it, give me an address we can work with. =)


I opt to have it sent to my fathers address so there is no 'screw up' in transit again.

6/08/09->14/08/09 I send a number of emails asking for updates and a tracking number.

15/08/09, Shaun replies

My wifes' family emergency turned into a funeral, so I'm sorry for the delay.

Nick posted the items today - 2 packages. We shipped them as a *gift* so you can get away from taxes.


Please give it 24 hours to show up - Nick *just* dropped the items off today.

Sorry again.


Sent as two packages, but only one tracking number, I find it weird. I ask what the second tracking number is, but never get supplied one. I email a few times but dont get any reply.

31/08/09, I get a parcel from MCS. Open it up, inside is a set of pistons and an 88mm 5sfe headgasket.

I email shaun telling him what has arrived, and asking where the rest of the gear is at, and what the tracking number for it is.

3/09/09 Shaun replies with some info inconsistent to his previous claims.

Nick will have to fill you in on that... I'll be at the shop tonight, I will ask him about it, but IIRC they were sent a few days apart."

Once again, I harrass with a few emails.

9/09/09 Shaun replies:

"It was a holiday yesterday here - I won't be able to talk to Nick until tomorrow, but will find out on the tracking/info on the second package."

11/9/09 I send an email, asking whats going on and if he had spoken to nick.

15/9/09 Shaun sends me a reply

"The parcel still exists at MCS, due to an honest mistake on the crankshaft with Nick's new employee Anthony.

We've had to get it re balanced."

More ____ing around ensues, me sending emails, trying to find out whats going on, yet being told little.

13/10/09, I get an email reply from Shaun

Sorry. We're getting the crank back today. I'll update you this afternoon.


On Sun, Oct 11, 2009 at 4:04 PM, James Colebourne <[email protected]> wrote:
So whats going on, its been two weeks now since last report?
15/10/09 I send my last correspondence.

"So you get it back, and is it all AOK?



Not heard anything back yet.

So, that is where I am at. Had my car sitting idle since the start of the year, as I don't consider it safe to drive with the tbelt problem. I don't want to have to pull the engine over and over and over again, so even though I bought myself replacement belt, I don't want to do it, just to have to pull the engine for the other work.

At this current point in time, I've got a set of pistons that are completely useless without the required set of rods. I have bought myself a late model 5sfe bottom end and a replacement tbelt out of my own cash, and have paid Shaun $560USD for the extra work I sought done.

I just want this over with. I am sick and tired of it. It has turned an enjoyable hobbie into absolute hell.

Please Shaun, just send me my remaining parts so we can forget about this entire mess. 3 years have sort of worn me right out. I dont even want to look at my car anymore, which is an awful problem for me, considering the amount of money I have spent on it.

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Anthony C,

I bought earls brakeline kits and bleeders and haven't received either. The earls brakeline kit was ended by MCS, and I was to receive a refund for the brakelines last week--I'm the 3rd person that should've received a refund. The post I'm referring to is here

As far as the brake bleeders, I sent a PM on September 28th, but haven't heard anything on wheather they are going to send them or refund that part of the order.

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i orderd a quick ratio pinion gear from MT Buggies at the begining of august and they told me it would take about 3 weeks.
after waiting 2 months they tell me they cant make one and will have to refund my money, that was on the 2nd of this month, on the 12th they told me it was going to be 2-3 more business days til i got my money.
i still dont have my money or a pinion gear and even though they told me they cant make one they still have it listed on there web site.

after seeing this thread im going to go ahead and file a claim threw paypal.

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mcs sent me an email this morning about the complaint i filed threw paypal.
it reads.
Hi John,

You've filed a complaint, so how shall we proceed?

We have all intention of refunding your money - hence our last email.

Please advise.


note, they told me they wer going to refund my money on the 2nd and on the 12th sed id have it in 2-3 days.
i replyed with this.
well you should know the answer, i wont my money now, not 3 more days from now or another week or another month, right now.
right now i have no reason to trust you, you havnt deliverd on anything you sed would happen in youe emails and youv had plenty of time to refund my money and you havnt.
il give you about 4 hours from now befor i go to the bank to do a charg back.
so i waited 4 hours and went to the bank, they sed i should get a letter in 15 days, hopfuly thats the end of it.

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I had ordered rear control arms from them on sep the sixth 2 weeks my ass. It is now oct the 19th and still no control arms. Had sent them emails the first replied waiting for a tab in the mail. Over a week went by herd nothing from them. Had to send another email. with they responded back Got the tab last week it will be ready and off this week. No suprise another week goes by. Have to email yet again there excuse this time we have to machine a part it will be off this week. I like to give people a chance but this is a joke I paid them and they cant even give me a solid time line. Its like they dont give a ____ about you once they get there money. They just get back with you whenever they feel like it.

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Found and used MCS through this forum from the alltrac community. Never had a problem with off the shelf parts so when I decided to shop around for a full blown custom engine I ended up going with them. Everything was paid in full via wire transfer upfront.

Very similar experience to Ran as far as communication goes. Similar dates and excuses. Key differences being when it was realized the coilover kit was not for my application(Late July 2008) a refund was agreed to and never recieved(multiple excuses).

In November of 2008 I filed a BBB complaint over the $1850 refund and after a month the complaint was closed as disputed with nothing of substance produced.

Jan - March of 2009 Shaun contended that the engine was complete and ready to ship. Never supplied a tracking number.

Late April 2009 Opened a complaint through New Mexico Attorney Generals Consumer Complaint division. My contact there was Alex Abeyta Ph# (505) 222-9040 or [email protected]. Initial contact was promising and after reciept of complaint they mail a first letter to MCS to which MCS responded as such:

Engine is complete and after one attempt to ship via R+L Carriers they were unable to deliver to my designated shop due to non standard hours of operation(I guess m-f 9-5 is non standard?). Multiple attempts to deliver were made then engine sent back. Bill of Lading provided as supporting document. MCS would love to settle this issue and is currently stored at MCS. MCS will not ship again unless to my personal address(I work 9-5 so how am I supposed to recieve freight when I'm not home?). Below is the response from R+L regarding the "Bill of Lading"



This email is to inform you that R&L Carriers has recieved faxed paperwork that was faxed to you from the shipper MCS Motorsports in Las Cruces, NM. I myself and my supervisor checked with the given information for a tracking number. The tracking number would allow us to find the freight and know whether the freight has been delivered. However, we were unable to find the tracking number. I checked the dates in my system from 03/12/09 to 04/12/09 and found nothing picked up from MCS Motorsports. The Bill of Lading that was given to you from MCS Motosports looks like it contains a driver signature. Unfortuantely, the signature is cut off and it's unable to be made out. If R&L Carriers could read the driver signature we would be able to find out what has happened to this freight. Without the signature we are at a standstill and unable to find this freight in our system. If you have any other questions and information please call me at 800-543-5589 ext 1967.

Thank you

Rachel Finley


Since reciept of MCS' response I have sought further direction from Mr. Abeyta but multiple voicemails have gone unanswered. Recently I sent my response saying that I will willing travel to MCS and take delivery in person if NMAG will supply a witness. No response yet. Since initiating the NMAG process I have not had direct contact with MCS as advised by NMAG. To date no refund recieved and no product recieved. This is now 20+ months into what was originally quoted as a 2-2.5 month process.

Total $9,789.65
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