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Hi All -

I'm looking into (cheaply $2,000-$3,000) buying a 91T car with a Gen III motor swapped into it, although the motor appears to be a bit hurt. This would be a project/fun weekend toy, and not an obligate daily driver. There is a decent dose of other aftermarket stuff on the car, so worst case, I 'spect it could be parted out if things turned out to be sour...

I did a compression test and it is 130 130 125 100 [this is at 5000' elevation, so they will tend to be a fair amount lower than at sea level -Jake]

The leakdown test for #4 shows a 50percent leakdown tho.

I used a borescope and the piston and cylinder wall is not damaged in any visible way.

It idles fine..just has a lot of blowby. It's not like I am saying the motor is perfect...but the *blown piston* comment was overrated and it obviously has enough compression to run on all 4. I still believe He did have it rebuilt like he said....BUT I think he or someone went balls to the walls with boost right away and the rings got messed up.
It does run and drive now, all it needs is rings. I was going to do an in car re-ring. It actually runs pretty good, just has a lot of blowby. I am gonna post this up soon but wanted to offer it to whomever was interested before. You can even drive it home!
So, I thought I'd ask about that in-car re-ring: Costs, difficulty, feasibility? Is it a workable solution, or a half-assed recipe for disaster?

It seems the Gen III is notable for its factory-state superiority, but once enough parts get replaced, my take on reading the archives seems to be that there's not a huge difference betwen the Gen II motors, and it can be that finding proper parts for the Gen III can be a bit of a headache.

Any thoughts/opinions from the group as a whole?


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