First, some back story. My brother-in-law passed away earlier this year, he was a lifelong car guy and had various projects on the go. He left behind a project car, and lots of parts, we’re talking in the region of two bedrooms full of parts and certainly enough to put this MR2 back together. For the last 3 – 4 months we’ve been going through everything in the house and trying to organize MR2 parts together which has been a lengthy process.

What we know is we have a MR2 rolling chassis with all / most body parts to rebuild it to a complete vehicle again.

This is #788, we have a clean, title in my brother-in-laws name. No money owed on the car.

We found a set of brand new 2021 tires in the house, so have just had them mounted on the rims shown.

While the photos show head and taillights, interior components and panels missing, along with the engine bay empty; we have all the parts, many of which are doubled up to put everything back together.

All told there are 5 – 6 Engines, turbos, and many engine related parts we have found in the house.

A spreadsheet of the parts can be found here: MR2-Parts-List.xlsx

Car is located in north central Florida.

Looking for ideas on what this is worth please.

If anyone is interested in talking about purchasing, please reach out via the forums. I’m more than happy to exchange numbers to talk on the phone, I just don’t want to post my phone number open on the internet.

Much appreciated,