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Looking for a special crank pulley !!

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Hey Guys

i have this weird question.

yesterday i went to the junkyard looking for the smallest single row crank pulley i could find. but since they didnt had much toyota's i couldnt really find what i whas looking for .

hopefully you guys are able to help me out.

what i'm looking for is the smallest toyota pulley there is . as long as i can machine the shaft hole to the 3sgte shaft hole size its fine with me , it does not even have to fit ;) ... but the belt ribs must be allready the same for driving a stock 3sgte alt. i can order some custom lenght belts so the outer size of the pulley doesnt bother me .

i could also just buy a set of obx pulley's but those are un damped ... so i aint gonna use those. i allready figured out a 4efte starlet pulley is very light , almost the same size as the 3sgte , single row .. but i'm not sure if the pulley has enough steel to machine the hole .

anyway ... if anyone can get me a pic + engine code off a pulley that i can use fot this project , it will be much appreciated.

thanx in advanced people !

Best Regards :
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come on people .....

gimme pics and info ;)
lets get make our own LW pulleys and get rid of the un damped crap :D
the weight is also what helps dampen the vibrations (comparing cast iron to some forged piece)
aha ... didnt know that .
Thanks Ramicio.

come on people i need much more information .
I would have thought the Toyota ribs would have been the same across the board. It would seem logical, and cheaper to make all pulleys take the same sort of belt.

Could you not just stick any suitable pully in a lathe and turn the ribs to suit?

mmh i might find a pulley i can do some work on.

its from a 3sge , without A/C .

anyone have a pic of such a pulley ?
I have 3Sge without A/C, powre steering, etc, but there is "tripple" pulley on it.
S** :D

any other suggestions ?
3sfe engine maybe ?
beams engine ? ( i saw a pic of it )
The 3SGE pulley should be almost identical to the GTE one I. I don't think its balanced like the GTE one though.
machined my stock pulley today , the outer drive belt piece is gone ... guess this whas the only way to go

its much lighter as well.
pics pics pics pete.

Did you ever get any of your engine during the build too?

try to get some pics theusday , as i'm out of town the early next week.

otherwise i'll make some webcam pics of it soon :D

no pics of the engine as well , dont own a digital cam
but i'll see what i can do ;) as the engine is de assembled for the 2nd time now

hope i can put a dry sump system on it.
not sure if it will work yet , its a quite expensive and complicated system .
Yeah dry sumps have been discussed on the UK board a few times, the general consensus was that they're overly complicated for what you get.

Be great to see pics of your build. I'm really interested in how other people are doing things. I've just ordered in the last of my stock parts like idlers, gasket set, etc. Spent yesterday, and will do this evening to on cleaning up the block ready for painting.

As you can tell by my site, I'm wanting to capture everything on picture :D
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